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Hp Pavilion ze1110 Motherboard Fuse

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Gary, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I have an HP laptop that was given to me that would not power up. After
    opening the unit I noticed the power connector was broken (common failure
    for HP & Compaq). I replaced the connector and the unit will still not
    power on. I've searched the board for a fuse but haven't located one yet.
    Does anyone know what the fuse is labelled on this unit. Here is the only
    information I was able to get from the motherboard.

    Thanks, GLW

    Model: HP Pavilion ze1110

    Motherboard printing:

    Hannstar k mv-1



    Da0et2mb6e1 rev. E

    P/N: F3410-69003
  2. Chris p

    Chris p Guest

    arnt computers fuses generally in the psu's?
  3. Well it's a laptop, so there may be only one board. Certainly older
    laptops I've looked at had the power supply as part of the motherboard.

    But even on home motherboards, there can be fuses. Most likely in
    series with voltage going to connectors. So there is often a fuse
    (I don't know if this still holds true) in series with the +5V line
    to the keyboard connector. With USB, I suspect there may be a fuse
    or two, since it too brings out the +5V line.

    In those cases, though, it's kind of odd. The fuse is there to
    protect the motherboard, but given that the fuses are soldered in place,
    in most cases I imagine the whole motherboard gets trashed if the
    fuse blows. So the fuse doesn't really save anything.

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