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HP officejet 710 - replace scanner cover

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Hp-Freak, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Hp-Freak

    Hp-Freak Guest

    I've got from the dump an officejet 710, machine gives me error replace
    scanner cover, I looked into the manual and I guess this so called cover
    is not present in this machine. Can anyone help me were I can buy this
    cover, or does anybody have a defective machine of this kind were I
    could take out this cover. Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Kenneth Roman
  2. Hi!

    I do not know if you could get a cover new, but the OfficeJet series 500
    should have the same scanner cover.

    Here are some pictures of mine:

    Until recently I had a scrapped out OfficeJet 700-something complete with
    the scanner module. I don't have it any longer. I parted it out and brought
    several other machines into working order.

    If your OfficeJet may have been wet, you may have to give it a LOT of time
    to dry out. Until it does, the machine will behave very strangely. The one
    you see in my pictures survived a nasty basement flood where it was entirely
    under water. After letting it sit in the sun for several days and then
    cleaning all the sensors, it works perfectly once again. They are pretty
    hard to kill and make a pretty nice multifunction machine.

    Mine was worth saving from the flood as the OfficeJets are the only machines
    I know of that will let you save faxes to a PC. In this day of junk faxing
    that capability is very nice to have.

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