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HP LaserJet IIP simply quit

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Gene, Aug 6, 2003.

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  1. Gene

    Gene Guest

    My HP LaserJet IIP simply quit running. It was sitting on the desk turned
    on with the on line light lit and when I walked into the room a short while
    later it was dead. Tried switching in on and off a couple of times and of
    course made sure it was plugged in. Opened the front and the area where the
    toner cartridge goes and enclosed but the printer did not respond. It is
    totally without power as no sound is emanating from it. Is this a known
    symptom of a problem and if so where do I start to troubleshoot it ? I can
    do some basic repairs if given a little guidance. Thanks........
  2. Terry

    Terry Guest

  3. Neil Brown

    Neil Brown Guest

    Try checking the fuse in the power supply. You have had a brown out
    in your home and it could have blown. Just a thought, always start at
    the most logical point is what I say.

  4. Gene

    Gene Guest

    Clicked on the switch this morning and the printer started up again.
    Printed a test page and it looked great. Left the room and came back about
    15 min's later and the printer was dead again. Tried to turn it on and off
    but no luck. Now about 5 hours later still no luck so something is wrong and
    intermittent so I'll try and get the case off and see if I can spot any
    components that 'look' bad. Thanks for the idea's.
  5. It does sound like the power supply as Don suggested. But have you tried
    another power cord?

    Tony Marsillo
    Nutmeg Repair
  6. Gene

    Gene Guest

    I metered the power cord wiggling it around as I held the probes to it and
    all seemed ok, but I will dig up a substitute cord and give it a try.
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