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HP Laptop DC jack

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. John

    John Guest

    I have an HP laptop Pavillion N5475 that I have not been able to use for
    over a year. The power jack is defective; and the unit is out of warrant.
    I took the laptop apart, and remeove the circuit board that houses the jack
    and re-soldered the jack in place. Re-assembled and ... no good.
    I need to replace the jack, but do not know where to look or how to describe
    it / identify it.
    Can anyone help me identify the jack and help me acquire a new one. I can
    send a pic of the jack. I know it is a coaxial type but am unsure of the
    size "letter" and whether or not I can purchase a jack that will match?
    Please respond here and / or to
  2. OBones

    OBones Guest

    How can you be sure it's the jack?
    Have you tried to solder the power wires directly behind the jack, where
    it arrives on the mainboard? And if yes, does the unit work like that?
    I'm asking because a bad contact on the jack is IMHO very unlikely.
    Usually, it's the DC to DC part that is dead. And that is another game
    to play with...
  3. FWIW I had to send my year-old Presario R3000T in for repair recently,
    as the power plug had decided to completely fail. Ever since purchasing
    the laptop, the plug has just spontaneously fallen out. This if course
    has destroyed the batteries, which I'll have to deal with next... But
    eventually it just stopped contacting completely. After fighting with
    the two springs inside the barrel of the plug, to no effect, I
    determined that it was the 6 springs inside the jack itself, which were
    supposed to be springs to hold the barrel, but had ceased to be springs,
    and ceased to make any kind of electrical contact.

    They replaced the mainboard outright (another issue made that less
    insane than it otherwise would have been), and the new jack is far
    superior in that the plug doesn't fall out, and wonder of wonders it
    actually makes electrical contact. It's not visually different however,
    which makes me worried.

    Sorry I can't help you with any details about repairing it yourself,
    other than to suggest that you go to Radio Shack and try out the DC plug
    medusa they have hanging on the wall (usually) to find the letter, then
    matching that with dimensions and going to Digikey to find a part.
    Worst case through you could probably dangle an inline jack outside the
    case, if you can't find a workable PCB-mount one. Just make sure the
    wires are of a low enough gauge in order to handle the current (check
    the brick, then google for "awg current capacity" to get the right wire
    size). If you don't, *very* bad things could happen to the power
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