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HP ink cartridge (color & Black) refill kits (to the geeks at Walmart...)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by D-unit, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. D-unit

    D-unit Guest

    Over the summer my wife complained about our HP5550 printer
    being out of ink, color & Black. I went to the local walmart to
    pick up a couple new ink carts. HOLY CRAP>>> Over $50.00
    plus tax for both carts?? I notice next to the ink carts sits a ink
    refill kit. I pick up the Black one and think "how hard can it be"?
    Then I see they have a color one as well and thought, to hell with it
    I've seen these things for years...Im GOING for it.

    After placing both kits in my shopping cart, An acne faced kid sporting
    a walmart apron asks "Do those things really work?" I said "I don't know
    yet.." At the check out, the geeky checkout kid asks me the same question.

    Well Im happy to report "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause"

    Refilling both black/tri-color carts. took about 20 minutes being carefull
    to not get any ink on our kitchen table. You need a steady hand but
    as long as you don't squirt too much ink in, you're good.

    The kit comes with cleaning pads for the heads which is handy.

    Upon reinstalling the carts. I had to go through a rather lengthy
    process to let the software know the carts were full again, taping
    up certain connection points on the ink cart, rebooting, etc..

    All told. I spent about 1 hour on this operation (I could probably do
    it much quicker next time.). Its been a few months now and we're
    printing away. Color looks as good as it ever did.

    I have enough ink for several more refills too. At least 6 more on
    the black.

  2. Ron(UK)

    Ron(UK) Guest

    On my HP Printer, I can refill the cartridges without even taking them
    out of the machine. The colour cart has the 'holes' on top of the
    cartridge and I drilled the Black one through the top surface. I dont
    bother sealing the holes, but you could put a piece of tape over.
    The trick is to refill little and often, don't let the cart run dry, and
    don't be tempted to put more than 2 or 3 mils of ink in at a time.

    Ron(UK) (tightwad)
  3. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    I tried a refill kit,and the ink killed the print head on my Canon BJC-
    620,and the black ink printed material I did with it faded to a very light
    tan within months,even being in a file cabinet.Unreadable.

    I note that Walgreens drugstores refill cartridges now.
    (1 hr,IIRC)
  4. D-unit

    D-unit Guest

    Roger that my brotha.

  5. rush14

    rush14 Guest

    I've had real good luck with the ink refill kit I use on the wifes HP
    printer. I suppose you find variations in quality between the various
    brands but the Stratitec brand I have is excellent in ease of use and
    ink quality. Like Ron said, don't let the ink cartridge run dry before
    refilling or you'll have a fun time.
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