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HP deskjet -- does everything except print

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by blissfix, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. blissfix

    blissfix Guest

    Hello everywhere,

    This is a 3820, fairly new, clean(FWIW) unit. When I open a document
    and click print the Windows(XPPro)dialog box opens, the printer is
    selected, click OK, then the HP dialog box opens with the images of the
    ink resevoirs and "printing..." appears. The green light on the unit
    blinks to say a document is being printed. But, nothing happens! No
    motors whirr, no carriage moves, no mesgs appear on the screen.

    When unplugged and replugged: then the motors whirr and the carriage
    moves back and forth. The different lights on the front panal of the
    unit blink alternately. Also when the cover is left open things move
    and leds blink.

    No debris, jammed paper or any obvious damage.


  2. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    There is usually a way to run a self test and the unit need not be connected
    to a PC. I suggest you visit the HP support site and see how that is done.
    Many times you hold both the buttons in simultaneously when powering up for
    a second or two and the unit runs the self test followed by a printed page
    with the result.

    If this works, then verify you have the correct print driver and the printer
    was installed correctly under the control panel/printer settings. If this
    also looks good, look under the printer properties or a utility program if
    one came with the printer and find the services tab. From there you can
    usually check the computer communications to verify the cable is good, etc.
    If this passes, then try to print a test page from the computer.

    So, in summary, the possible causes of your problem are: defective printer,
    wrong or improperly installed printer or driver, bad printer or USB cable,
    defective computer hardware port.

    Good luck

  3. cnctut

    cnctut Guest


    Has it ever printed?
    You've checked I'm sure your ink cartridge:
    1. Has ink
    2. Plastic tape removed from back of cartridge

  4. cnctut

    cnctut Guest


    Your firmware may be the fault--suggest you go to the HP website
    ( and download latest firmware version. Also, they have live
    support available to help diagnose your problem.

    (I assume you have ink and cartridge protective tape in back is

    Good luck,

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