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HP DeskJet 500

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Wayne Tiffany, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Our church has one of these printers that has worked well for a long time.
    It now doesn't.

    Upon turning on the power, it appears to go through the power up testing,
    but then when trying to move the head, it powers down. I have checked and
    watched the power supply and I suspect that it's being told to turn off. I
    checked ESR on all the electrolytics, and all appear to be fine. I can move
    the head to the middle, and upon powering up, it will take it home, but then
    shut down once it gets there. I measured about 5v across the head motor, so
    I pulled it out and put 5v to it. It does run, but not very smoothly, and
    sometimes doesn't want to start very well. I don't know if this motor has
    brushes or not, but it feels like maybe the motor is struggling, thereby
    shutting down the power supply. If I unhook that motor plug, upon power up,
    the printer flashes an error.

    Any more thoughts here? Maybe something I missed?

  2. Even I would say it's possibly time to retire it. :)

    I've found bad solder connections in the power supply of one of those.

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  3. I thought about the solder and so checked all joints under the microscope -
    all looked good. I really think the controller is telling it to shut down
    since it is so repeatable. I can watch the voltage shut off when the head
    reaches the home position.

  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Considering the cost of cartridges it would be a blessing to retire it !

  5. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I may have a spare motor for this model. If so, then you can have it
    for the cost of postage from Australia. What is its part number?
    I believe there may be an encoder strip which may need cleaning.

    - Franc Zabkar
  6. Hi!
    If memory serves, these are just a permanent magnet DC motor--not a stepper
    type or anything quite that fancy. The positioning is done by way of the
    encoder strip. In other words, it could well have built up a short circuit
    by way of either conductive whiskers or something that has broken and
    changes position just enough to cause trouble. Maybe the components
    responsible for driving the motor don't start to break down until they've
    been loaded for a while?

    When that happens, the controller might just shutdown on overload, instead
    of burning up.

    I've never had one of the carriage motors quit, but some of mine have had
    the spring that holds the belt tightly in place start to back off. When this
    happens, the printer may make "twanging" or "gritty" noises like gears
    stripping. If it gets bad enough, the controller shuts down and lights

    I would think that taking the motor out, cleaning it well and putting it
    back might solve the whole problem. Even today these printers have a lot of
    life left in them and the ink can be downright cheap compared to a new unit!

  7. I considered that but the motor is constructed with the crimp type on the
    ends, not fasteners. I have my eye on a newer printer (Hp DJ932C) that is
    probably available, and if it works, I will tear into the motor on the 500
    just to see what's what.

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