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HP/Agilent 16500B w/ 16556D Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by andywh, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. andywh

    andywh Guest

    Hey all,

    I've had an HP 16500B logic analyzer for a little while now, and I
    just recently got a 16556D card for it. The manual for the card says
    it'll work in a 16500B mainframe as long as your OS is v3.10 or
    greater. I'm running v3.14. However, when the analyzer boots up, it
    says that the card in the slot (which is the 16556D) is
    unrecognizable. The card ID is 035. By the looks of things, the card
    ID corresponds with a system file. For example, I have a 35MHz state/
    100MHz timing card (16510 I think), and it's card ID is 031, and the
    file that has the description of the card is sys_031. Anyways, I do
    not have a sys_035 file on my analyzer's hard drive, and I think
    that's why it can't recognize the card. I downloaded the system files
    for the 16500B and the 16500C and neither have a sys_035 file in
    them. Can any of you provide this file, or point me to some other
    place where I can grab it? I emailed Agilent, but who knows if I'll
    hear back from them. Any help any of you can give me will be greatly

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze Guest

    I took a quick look at my notes and this is what modules
    are supported by which SYS_XXX file:

    1 GHz Timing Analyzer V03.01 SYS_001 16515
    4 GHz Timing/1 GHz State V03.03 SYS_004 16517/16518
    400MSample/s Dig. Scope V03.01 SYS_011 16530/16531
    1GSample/s Dig. Scope V03.02 SYS_013 16532
    32K Deep, GSa/s Scope V03.12 SYS_014 16533
    MultiProbe 2Output Module V03.09 SYS_015 16535
    50Mbit/s Pattern Gen. V03.03 SYS_021 16520/16521
    200MHz Pattern Generator V03.13 SYS_025 16522
    WIDE 35MHz St/100MHz Time V03.01 SYS_030 16511
    35MHz State/100MHz Timing V03.01 SYS_031 16510
    100MHz State/500MHz Time V03.09 SYS_032 16550
    2M SAMPLE LA with SPA V03.14 SYS_034 16555/16556
    100MHz State Analyzer V03.01 SYS_040 16540
    2 MB Data Acquisition V03.01 SYS_042 16542

    The SYS_034 seems to support all of the flavors of the
    16555 and 16556 logic analyzer modules.

    I do not know for certain that this list is correct.
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