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HP 9122 floppy drive

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Harvey White, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Harvey White

    Harvey White Guest

    I have one of these, more of a gift than not.

    Internally, the floppy seems to be a 26 pin interface, 4 pin power,
    3.5 (??) inch drive. However:

    1) the "standard" IBM size disk does not fit in, making me think that
    I am dealing with another HP "Standard" product. The drive is a sony,
    and that also makes me think that I've got a "standard" product.

    I suspect that these are an early variety of floppy disk that is
    probably no longer produced. It would figure, since that's what I
    need to store setups on my 1631D logic analyzer.

    <grumble at the situation>

    Anybody know where to get these disks, and even if they are still

    Or just as good, anybody got enough data on the drive (including
    pinouts) so I can swap a standard dos drive in there and make a 26 to
    34 pin adapter... assuming that it doesn't take 6.87 and 14.385 volts
    as supply....

    I don't care about data interchange, just storing the logic analyzer
    setups on the disk. I can also put in a separate "standard" disk
    drive, if needed.

  2. Michael Gray

    Michael Gray Guest

    HP9122 = 360K Single sided, single density.
    Sony drive unit.
    I used to cover up the hole on a DS diskette to fool it.
    Worked sometimes, not others.
    A 'Write-protect" tab from a 5+1/4" floppy did the the trick.
    I also seem to remember having some success replacing the drive with a
    new DS/DD unit.
    Of course, the system could only understand the disks if they were
    formatted as single-side/single density, but there are options on the
    DOS Format for that. (on another machine)
  3. I don't know if it mazy helps but:
    I have some 5 " 1/4 floppies single sided that could be used
    with microcomputer as Apple ][.
    If you want some just contact me , I may arrange to ship you
    brand is DISTAR or HO SHING HD55-A.
    I may have diagrams of the pinout connections as well.
    Also, I have an 5"1/4 floppy P/N U240B041-04 by Mitsubishi Electric
    NAMFS2 rotative motor is 12V and driven by a M51795SP chip.
    Computer (it includes a Mitsubishi M52812FP chip and M52803P (datecode
    are not clearly indentifiabled but it seems quite old (comes from a
    Compaq computer)
    there are jumpers called SR, PM2, DC, RI, MM, MS, IS, IL, HR, DD, IU,
    TD,DS2, DS1, DS0, MX, DS3

  4. Harvey White

    Harvey White Guest

    Got that far with it, so thanks.
    Not too worried about that, since I actually have some of the older
    floppies somewhere.
    Now that I think I will investigate. The drive seems to be a bit odd,
    and I'm not sure if the upper head is working. Seems that if the
    drive mechanism freezes (because of the lubricant drying out) you can
    easily damage the upper head of the drive.

    I'll look into this. I found the pin connections on a Japanese site,
    but since he copied the definitions from the spec sheet, and Japanese
    uses english for them, I'm ok without having to translate the

    This uses a 26 pin cable, and I can just go make a 26 to 34 pin
    adaptor if I need to.

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