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HP 54121T + 54121A

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Richard Klingler, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Evnin'

    I'm looking for a refurbished scope and came across the 54121T + 54121A
    which are sold quiet cheap and offer high sample rates...

    Is this combination only meant for RF designs or high speed digital
    circuits as the 54121A is 50 Ohms only...

    Or is there a test module where I can capture higher voltages also
    with higher impedances?

    Sorry for asking...but totally unfamiliar with all those different
    HP Agilent 54xxx scopes (o;

    But I'm just looking for an affordable high speed solution to debug
    my FPGA designs mainly...

    thx in advance
  2. No, it offers high bandwidth at very low sample rates

    You could use external 50 Ohm attenuators (20 dB = divide by 10 voltage-wise)
    or FET probes for higher impedance. These cost a lot and are
    limited to a few GHz of bandwidth.
    There are also passive probes for 50 Ohm loads( TEK P6056, P6156)
    but they may present 50 Ohm to 5K to the DUT depending on
    attenuation factor.
    Use Modelsim XE ;-)

    These 54xxx scopes are for repetitive signals only. You can use them
    for characterizing rise/fall times or generate eye diagrams on
    Xilinx Rocket I/Os, but not for general debugging because you
    cannot see single events. Triggering in the sense of a Tek 475
    is nonexistant, let alone in logic analyzer style.

    I'd propose a HP16500C logic analyzer for FPGA debugging with
    at least one state/time analyzer card and one or two
    scope cards with 250 or 500 MHz BW. There exists an older
    scope as a 2 card set(time base and aquisition) that is complete crap.

    Or you might choose a non-plugin-version that would be easier to operate
    than the touch screen menue system.

    Single shot scopes with 1GHz or more BW will cost an arm & a leg.

    If you insist in 54xxx, I think the sweet spot is 54750 / 54751
    and 54701 probes. And don't kill those PC3.5 connectors with
    cheap/defective SMAs.

    regards, Gerhard
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  4. Looked at the 54720D now which is available for a good price...

    Would this be a nice choice together with a bunch of 54712A
    and 54701A probes for hobbyist use? Still much cheaper than
    a brand new WJ314...

  5. Looks good. If the price is right..

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