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HP 4M problem, redux

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. A few months back I complained that my HP 4M had become a tar baby, just
    sitting there, refusing to print any file sent to it. "Nothing was wrong", but
    it wouldn't print. In desperation, I pulled the firmware memory card and
    reseated it.

    Bingo. It worked.

    This just happened again. Again, "nothing was wrong" (that is, the diagnostics
    showed no problems, and yanking the cable produced an instantaneous
    "connection loss" message). And again, when I pulled and reseated the firmware
    memory card -- that fixed it.

    Curioser and curioser... Perhaps the contacts need a bit of ProGold?
  2. Guest

    Do you mean the SIMM that makes it speak PostScript, or the other
    thing? (I think there's another thing. My 4M is a few miles away at
    the moment.) That PostScript SIMM goes in the same row of sockets as
    the regular RAM SIMMs.
    I used to send PostScript to my 4M and let the printer interpret it.
    With complex print jobs, this led to some *long* wait times before
    the first page came out. I finally got the brain wave that, unlike
    when the 4M was new, my PC now has about a zillion times more CPU than
    the printer. So now I let the PC render the PostScript and just send
    bitmaps to the printer; that works a lot better.

    Under Windows, you should be able to do this by saying you have a
    LaserJet 4, rather than a 4M. Pull the PostScript SIMM out of the
    printer if you want to make really sure.
    Or there is some other solder joint on the board that gets flexed when
    you cycle the firmware card.

    Matt Roberds
  3. wrote in message
    Exactly. The firmware and RAM apparently share the same memory space.

    There is a checkbox somewhere for "print as bitmap", but I can't find it. I
    would prefer to let the printer handle. I only used this feature when I had to
    print a 200-page document with graphics.

    I'll keep that in mind.
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