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HP-4145B Parameter Analyser

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Ian Clarence, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Ian Clarence

    Ian Clarence Guest

    We have an HP-4145B Parameter Analyser, and we are trying to
    programatically (in user mode) apply a current of over 10 mA from one
    of the SMU's. We have found that applying currents of less than 10 mA
    works fine, but for 10 mA or above, no current is applied. However in
    manual mode, we can apply currents well above 10 mA.
    Is this a feature of the old Parameter Analysers? Does the same apply
    to the later models? Or have I got a fault with my equipment?
    Does anybody know?
  2. Mantra

    Mantra Guest

    1. 10 mA may be the threshold for the safety interlock. All
    HP/Agilent SMU boxes have these interlocks. With voltage forcing you
    hit it at 42V. I don't have a 4145 manual handy to check for forcing
    current limit but 10 mA is about the level where you can cause cardiac
    arrest through electrocution. Check the manual for how to create your
    own interlock switch cable.

    2. Other possibility would be wrong compliance but normally that only
    limits output rather than kicking it off altogether. On the other
    hand being in compliance limiting might simply seem like it shutdown.
    Check that you are programming the force parameters, especially
    compliance, correctly.

    The fact you can get higher current from the front panel suggests the
    latter or both of these. The instrument is probably working fine.

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