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HP 4145B on life support...organ donor urgenlty needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Phil Hobbs, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Bob,
    Sorry, used the wrong word. I guess almost all cars from that era were
    using commutated generators. And woe to those who let the brushes go
    down too far. Been there :-(
  2. On a 3.5"? The only one I know like that is the Brother sewing machine
    drive - 90K and later 180K IIRC.

    They sell for mucho $$$ on eBay.
  3. g. beat

    g. beat Guest

    Sounds like the early HP 150 style used with their pre-Mac / early PC era
    computers (early 1980s).

    As I remember, these were made for HP by or with Sony.

  4. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    If it will help you, I can scan the 360KB and 1.2MB FDD circuits from
    the original IBM PC AT Tech Ref manual. The manual also has the
    circuit for the HDD/FDD adapter, as well as a basic command reference.

    - Franc Zabkar
  5. Guest


    I'd definitely ask in the hp_agilent_equipment discussion group, at . I'd also ask in the TekScopes group,
    there (with a polite apology for being OT), since that group is older
    and better-established and has some "extremely*-knowledgable people who
    frequent it.

    If you wanted to find an identical, used unit, or several at once,
    possibly dirt-cheap, and anywhere from "unused" to DOA with no
    foolproof way of knowing before you bid, you'd start scanning , and hope that any available ones are
    within a half-day's drive, or (especially if you're not in the USA and
    not near one of their foreign sites) that someone you know can pick
    them up and ship them to you. I think the minimum bid has been raised
    to $45. But that might be for more than one unit, depending on which
    site they're at and which warehouse manager makes up the lots. (Or, of
    course, they may not be dumping many/any of those, at this time.)

    Other possibilities include (go to My Ebay and
    initiate an "auto-search", or whatever they call it, so you'll be
    automatically emailed whenever anything matching your search comes up
    for auction), and, as a long-shot, periodically check .

    Another pretty-good possibility:

    If you can get the official HP part number off of the drive, someone
    with several gigabytes of downloaded HP service manuals (e.g. me) could
    automatically search all of the PDF files and, with any luck, give you
    a partial list of other HP equipment that used the identical part, so
    that you might have an easier time finding another unit from which to
    scavenge one.

    You could also check for service manual(s) at places like , and at . And there
    is a (more-or-less) searchable archive of MANY complete older
    test-equipment catalogs, in the Reference Library section, at, where you might be able
    to get some clues about what equipment used that drive.

    And yet-another possibility:

    If you have the HP part number of the drive, someone with the Federal
    Logistics (FedLog) database (e.g. me) could check to see if there is
    any cross-reference information, possibly with the original supplier's
    or manufacturer's name, and their part number. (Chances might be slim,
    in this case. But if it has any info at all, it'll probably have more
    than you want to know.)

    I'd be happy to do those two searches (i.e. PDF HP manuals and Fedlog
    database) for you, if you post (or email me) the HP part number (My
    email address is tomg at .). If possible, also include ALL
    other indentifying info that might be on the drive, and on its PCB.

    Good luck!

    - Tom Gootee

    "He who lives in a glass house" should not invite "he who is without

  6. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Thanks, guys. That gives me some leads. Also, a kind lurker of this
    group who happens also to work at IBM offered to send me a *brand new
    spare*. When that shows up, I'll probably be good for a few more years.


    Phil Hobbs
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