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HP 10544A Oscillator Service Manual Search

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jim Flanagan, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Jim Flanagan

    Jim Flanagan Guest

    Hi -
    Does anyone know if there ever existed a service manual
    for the HP 10544A crystal oscillator? I know that there
    is a manual for the 10811 and this osc is very similar
    to the 10544, but I would like a copy of the service manual
    if it exists.

    Does anyone have any insight to this?
  2. Hi Jim,

    The Operator and Service Manual for the HP 10811 A and B is available
    I don't know if it covers your model/version, but, as far as I know,
    it is the only one available for download.
    Antonio I8IOV
  3. Mike Monett

    Mike Monett Guest

    Thanks for post this. Can you tell us which one is for the 10811?

    Is there any index or cross-reference list to tell what the files

    This seems to be a very unusual site. A woman author with a bunch of
    HP manuals. This is great, but any idea what gives?


    Mike Monett
  4. The manual covers HP 10811A, 10811B, 10811-60101, 10811-60105 quartz
    crystal oscillators.
    It seems that all of them have the same circuitry, and that 10811B has
    a different case and connections. 10811A, 10811-60101 and 10811-60105
    are closely similar but the specs are slightly different (phase noise
    not specified for 10811-60101, and the 10811-60105 being a 10811-60101
    a bit less stable). Anyway, to quote the manual, 10811-60101 and
    10811-60105 ARE PHYSICALLY IDENTICAL to 10811A.
    I own two 10811-60111, not mentioned in the manual, and I think they
    are the same as 10811A but with some different specs. Anyway I know
    that the 10811-60111 has the same stability as 10811A, according to
    the specs of the apparatus it is mounted on.
    The file names are self explanatory: as an example, for the 10811 the
    file name is 10811-90002.pdf, where 90002 might be a date code. Look
    at the first groups of digits in the filenames.
    Yes indeed. I didn't know that site until yesterday when I'we been
    pointed to it by the BAMA website ( ).

    Antonio, ham radio operator I8IOV in Italy.
  5. Tom Bruhns

    Tom Bruhns Guest

    The one labeled "10811-90002.pdf". There are actually quite a lot of
    manuals on the Agilent website now, too. Unfortunately, none for the
    10544A. me and I may be able to give you a reference that will get
    you what you want.

  6. Mike Monett

    Mike Monett Guest

    Great - Thanks, Antonio.

    I discovered the reason why I couldn't find the 10811 file using a search.

    The "8" key has become intermittent on my keyboard and there are no files
    containing "1011":)


    Mike Monett
  7. Tom Bruhns

    Tom Bruhns Guest

    The -xxxxx (-90002 in this case) is not a data code. HP part numbers,
    for parts common to many instruments/products, are xxxx-xxxx -- and
    commonly known as "4 by 4" part numbers. Part numbers specific to a
    product or a small product family are "5 by 5" numbers, the first five
    digits being the product family number (such as 10811), and the last
    five follow a convention: those beginning with 9 are manuals and
    similar documentation. PC assemblies would have different 5 by 5
    numbers. You'll find examples of these numbers in the 10811-90002
    manual, both 4 by 4 and 5 by 5, and you can get an idea that the first
    4 digits of the 4 by 4's represent a type of part...

  8. Thanks for the elucidation, Tom.
  9. Jim Flanagan

    Jim Flanagan Guest

    Thanks to all... I actually have an original 10811 service manual. I
    was hoping to finding the 10544 service manual (if it even exists).
    I do have a copy of the schematic for the 10544, so I'm good there.
    Thanks again..
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