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howto osciloscope continues

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sam Kaan, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. Sam Kaan

    Sam Kaan Guest

    Well, it seems that I will get a dot when I have the PIs in the wrong slots.
    Actually I managed to get two dots this time on the screen using the wrong
    configuration. As can be seen from the pictures.

    Somehow the configuration with the two PIs in the middle swapped incorrectly
    I managed to get two half-moon dots on the screen. The dot on the bottom
    slowly moves towards the top (past the dot in the middle), when it almost
    reach the
    top it stops, and the whole cycle repeats. The dot moves faster or slower
    on when I turn the knob that says "TIME/DIV or DLY TIME".

    Any idea why the other configuration as suggested with the amp on the left
    and the delay time base in the third slot won't work?
  2. By the way, Sam, you might want to conduct this thread on, rather than on s.e.d - it's a better newsgroup
    for this sort of thing. Not a big deal since most of the same people
    monitor both groups, but you might find additional help there.
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the vertical amplifier in the far left slot,
    and the timebase in the far right. Then press the "Left" Vertical
    Mode button, and the "B" Horizontal Mode button.

    On the vertical amplifier, select "Channel A" only.

    Set the timebase to 1 mS/div, Auto trigger.

    You should then see a horizontal line on the screen which you can move
    vertically with the "A" vertical position (or offset) control.

    If you don't get a line, press the "Trace Finder". This should
    produce a fuzzy dot or line somewhere. Adjust the "A" vertical
    position and horizontal position controls to center that line.
    Release the "Trace Finder" button and adjust the brightness and focus
    to get a sharp trace of reasonable brightness.
  4. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    Good response Peter -

    We have had several threads recently concerning scope problems, how to use
    them, what should I do if, what does this trace mean...and so I'm thinking
    (always a tenuous proposition at best) that perhaps some generous soul would
    start an oscilloscope faq on a site such as or perhaps somewhere else if
    more appropriate.
  5. Sam Kaan

    Sam Kaan Guest

    I managed to finally got the little dot to move along the
    horizontal axis instead of the vertical axis by following your guidelines.

    I am still unable to shift this dot into the middle of the screen by
    moving it vertical. I did try to turn the knobs label as "offset"
    and "position", those two big knob on the left Plugin.
    Didn't do anything. The dot stills moves along the bottom of the
    screen from left to right.

    I had a chance to go to the library today and look at a book
    about using a scope. In it, it talks about you have to turn the
    TIME/DIV knob to the X-Y position on the dial before you
    can change the vertical and horizontal position of the trace.
    But on my scope, the TIME/DIV knob has no X-Y dial position.

    I think that the scope itself is ok as far as being able to place the
    dot anywhere on the screen, as can be shown in the previous pictures I took.
    So it is possible the plugins themselves are bad. Or perhaps there
    are something else I forgot to set which would have made this to work.
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