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howto interface LED with TMS320F2812 ?? Newbie question

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 4, 2007.

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  1. Guest


    I'm working on TMS320F2812, a 32-bit DSP. I need to interface an a 8X1
    LED with my Processor through the GPIO's of the processor. The GPIO's
    are connected to the LED's through a 74HC273 D-Latch.

    Can anyone give me pointers on how I must go about the same ?? I have
    a couple of doubts :

    1. My GPIO pins are wired to the D0 to D7 pins of the D-latch. The
    Outputs Q0 to Q7 are wired to the 8X1 LCD Board.

    My confusion is, how do i ensure connectivity of the GPIO's with pins
    D0 - D7 through Software ( C- routine ) ???

    Will appreciate if anyone can give me any pointers on how to go about
    the same. Any sample codes will be of immense help tooo.


  2. On 4 May 2007 05:04:06 -0700, in
    Do you mean LED board?
    1) you need an extra pin to load the latch, the CP pin
    2) the MR pin should be set high
    3) I dont know that dsp but generally
    4) each led should be wired with a series resistor from the anode to
    supply rail, say 470 ohm. The Cathode of the LED goes to the Q output

    set GPIOs to output, probably data direction regs.
    set the CP pin low
    load data into GPIO, a 0 will turn a led on
    set CP high
    delay for a microsecond or so
    set CP pin low, the LEDs should turn on

  3. skn

    skn Guest

    hello Martin

    Sorry, yeah, i meant an LED Board
    My confusion is :

    how do i ensure connectivity of the GPIO's with pins (D0 - D7) of the
    latch through Software ( C- routine ) ???
    i.e, Do i need to define a structure with the address of D0 - D7 so
    that I actually realise the connection between them through
    software ??

    Hope my question is clear now. Any sample codes wud help in addition
    to the explanations.

    thanks again

  4. sorry, cant help you, I only do 8051s and little stuff. try
    comp.arch.embedded, or one of the dsp newsgroups

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