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How we can convert PCB file to schematic file on Protel DXP

Discussion in 'CAD' started by waatage, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. waatage

    waatage Guest

    Hello Friends,
    Does any one know how to convert PCB file to
    schematic file on the DXP Protel 2004 or other version? please tell me
    the steps to follow, if it is possible.


  2. Usman,
    There is no automatic manner to get there. You would have to manually
    compile the schematic from reverse engineering the PCB design yourself, then
    check the schematic for accuracy/correctness against the PCB until you got
    it right.
    I would have to believe you are looking for a shortcut but you don't
    understand the process even by which the PCB was originally designed. There
    are no shortcuts, only managers and engineers that don't understand the
    process think that CAD design is simply punching the right buttons.
  3. waatage

    waatage Guest

    Thanks for your reply,
    Actually by mistake ,i delete my design which i made on
    schematic, but i have its PCB and PCB's layout. Now i dnt remeber the
    acutal values of resistors and capacitors and their interconection
    with other components,
    Thats why i asked for the method to get back my schematic
    from my layout.

    I knew that doing reverse engineering ,i can get that
    interconnections but still i wouldnot be able to have the values of
    resistors and capacitors
    So if u know any advance method for this please tell me,

    With regards.

  4. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    I use Orcad PCB386+ and I can query the part ad get its value. Maybe your
    program can do the same.


    Boris Mohar

    Got Knock? - see:
    Viatrack Printed Circuit Designs (among other things)

    void _-void-_ in the obvious place
  5. I've used Protel 99SE, not DXP. In 99SE, I think there may be a way
    to produce a bill of materials that would include the component value
    (but I've never used it...). If not, you can examine each component
    on the PCB and look at its "comment".

    Did you not print the schematic before designing the board? You
    should also be able to find backup schematic files somewhere.

    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb4 (at)
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    GPS and NMEA info:
    Vancouver Power Squadron:
  6. Okay Usman,
    Your task is not quite so daunting then. Yes as Peter mentioned, you can
    probably get your values from the comment field of the parts within the PCB.
    That is the usual location for the values to end up in if you used the Part
    type field in the original schematic. You could also use the output tools to
    generate a BOM from the PCB and include any information that was passed
    through to the PCB parts through parameters or any other means.

    Then of course you will also need all of the original symbols, should be
    simple as long as you had a library that wasn't deleted. Then the
    interconnects more or less manually, then check the schematic against the
    PCB until you get no changes being performed as an ECO between the schematic
    and the PCB.

    Your earlier comments sounded like the rookie or someone expecting a
    single push button solution, hope you didn't take my comments too harshly.
  7. TT_Man

    TT_Man Guest

    The .sch will be in your backup folder as - 0ch,1ch,2ch ( it is on protel
    client).Just rename one of them to .sch and import it into DXP
  8. Robert

    Robert Guest

    Can't you export the netlist of the PCB from the Layout tool into an ASCII
    format? The tools I'm familiar with can. Perhaps as part of the ECO process.
    That would give you the values of the components as well as the connections.
    Given that it's a lot easier to rebuild the Schematic.

  9. josabraham


    Nov 2, 2009
    Try out reverse Engineering options in EDA tools.


    You can try reverse Engineering option in EDA/ECAD tool to reconstruct the design from your existing files.

    For example EDWinXP from Visionics allows you to reconstruct the design from Gerber files.
    You can fully reconstruct the design using EDWinXP from your existing files , by working with the reverse engineering too there.You can try this option
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