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How to test HP 5221a electronic counter

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Dec 24, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I am very sorry if this question is too "ignorant" for this group - if
    so, please let me know.

    I just picked up a surplus HP 5221a "Electronic Counter" (I assume it
    is a frequency counter). I bought it mostly because the nixie tubes
    caught my eye, but I'd like to make it do something useful (If it even
    can - it has a "JSC Calibration Rejected" sticker - I'm assuming JSC is
    Johnson Space Center based on the "Property of NASA" sticker elsewhere
    on the device).

    What is the proper sort of input to the BNC connector? Can I just hook
    up an RF transmitter? Is there a limit to what power and/or frequency
    should be used? Also, I understand (I think) the meaning of the .1 and
    1 Hz selector positions, but what are the "open" and "closed"

    Thanks, sorry of the complete lack of knowledge - I've googled all
    night and haven't been able to find anything too useful.

  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    The signal level should be in the range of 100mV to 1V RMS; sine or
    pulses at a rate from 0.1 cycles per second (need that 10 second count
    for that rate to maybe work at one count) to 10 megacycles per second;
    might work higher tho.
    Note i used the older term "cycles per second" as that is most
    appropiate with non-sine waveforms (remember, i did mention pulses).
    I think that the "open" and "closed" relates to the use of a manual
    gate; it has bee a feq daze since i have seen and used one of those
    Reliable as all heck; likely only a minor problem with the one you
  3. The PRR - pulse repetition rate - is in, of course, pulses per second.
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