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How to stop Piracy?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Apr 18, 2006.

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    Several days ago, I got one call from my under-classmate in Notre Dame.
    Now he worked as the sales director in one famous design software
    company. He asked me about the electronic design industry in China. He
    told me that everyone knows that China is a huge market but most
    company hesitates to enter China market due to piracy.

    Everyone knows that piracy has a significant impact on the high-tech
    industry, resulting in lost jobs, decreased innovation and higher
    costs. As a Chinese who has been working in USA for more than 10 yrs, I
    understand his worry and I also believe Chinese government has realized
    this. But it seems a mission impossible to stop piracy in a country
    like China. But could anyone tell me what's the best way to solve the
    piracy problem?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance!

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  2. Hardware piracy, software piracy, IP, copyright, music, video???

    None of these will have a simple, easy answer.
  3. wrote in
    Why not use some of the tricks they do? :)
    Grind off the tops of your IC's with a small disk sander fitted to a Dremel
    or similar tool. Use the edge of the disk, on a rubber mandrel, to be sure
    it roughs up easily without overheating or other damage. You might find a
    solvent that can destroy transistor markings, too. Use at least one or two
    special function IC's in complex designs, if you can, or otherwise do
    something that makes sense in the circuit but is nonconventional. You don't
    have to do much, it just has to be more hassle to reverse engineer than
    it's worth. Even better, use PIC chips for stuff, the types that won't let
    you remove their code. If you have those in circuit with no markings, they
    will have a LOT of complex black box modelling to do.
  4. More on PIC chips:
    If you program a few useless functions that do useless harmless things on
    spare pins wired to appropriately harmless bits of your circuit, you might
    further confuse the reverse engineer. If they ever copy it successfully
    without realising the uselesness of those functions, and they show up in a
    copy, you can prove that it's a copy of your work. That might help you
    commercially if not legally.

    Another thing is to pot stuff in a mess of epoxy goop like Torrseal. No-one
    is going to reverse engineer their way through that.
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