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How to open Samsung LCD 19" monitor (Syncmaster 191T)?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by whistler, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. whistler

    whistler Guest

    19 inch Samsung Syncmaster 191T on/off switch worked intermittently
    for a while, now it doesnt turn the unit on at all. I suspect a dirty
    conductive rubber button, but need to open back to see.

    How to remove the back of this unit? There are no screws. Seem I
    need to pry off the back some how.

    Any ideas?
  2. I have a Samsung 191T with the same problem. I opted to leave it on. The
    power used is very little.

    I did investigate replacing the control board (at the bottom of the monitor)
    and decided, based on its cost, to not replace it. You can Google for parts
    for this monitor and will find some suppliers and some disassembly
    instructions ( I did.).
  3. whistler

    whistler Guest

    I wish I could just leave it on! That is the best way. But at this
    point, it won't turn on even one time! I thought If I can figure out
    how to open the back, I would clean the contact, assuming it is dirty,
    then reassemble, and leave it on as you suggest...
  4. Press really hard on the right-most button at the bottom ... what have you
    got to lose?

    If you have already tried this, then your problem is different than mine.

    Darned shame ... a wonderful monitor with crappy buttons!

    Oh, by the way, your power supply might have died.
  5. whistler

    whistler Guest

    Power supply still putting out 14 volts dc. Tried pushing on button
    really hard. Also tried to find info on web for disassembly searching
    in google with the words disassemble and disassembly and this model
    name. Nothing! No luck so far!

  6. Try this:

    Basically, you insert a paint scraper/putty knife into the slot between the
    two screen halves and pry it apart. The service manual shows the steps.

    I was going to repair mine but did manage to get it back on (6 months ago)
    and have never turned it off since.
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