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how to measure current from the capasitor

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Joja, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Joja

    Joja Guest

    How can i measure current ( with multimetar ) of 35V capasitor with 100uF
    capasity ?
    Should i connect resitor and how ?
  2. Joja

    Joja Guest

    Terry, you have helped me very much! Thank you ! Sorry for long replay time.
    This is the redefined question, an the problem:
    Im making some small test project where i want to control the discharge of
    fully charged capasitor ( this is the end part ).

    For start i need to understand this situation:
    Let's take stronger capasitor : 6000 uF at 18V

    - Capasitor will be charged thru 2x9V battery.
    - battery is common eu 9V battery (varta) and it is non rechargeable.

    1.) When i connect capasitor to battery and when capasitor is full he should
    have 18V

    1.) How much current is on this capasitor ?
    2.) If i would use some different DC input ( 18V ~ 2mA ) to charge
    capasitor, how much current will be then, on this capasitor ?

    Basicly, i want to find out how to calculate current on the capasitor when
    you have constant defined voltage input (with low or very low current).

    Thank you in advance !
  3. Joja

    Joja Guest

    First you need to understand better how to use the word 'current'.

    I agree. I have used this term from the last post.
    But you know what im asking and why :)
  4. Joja

    Joja Guest

    Hi !
    Thank you (and Terry ) for your time and help.


    p.s. sorry for my typing errors.
  5. Joja

    Joja Guest

    Happy Christmas to you too and to all your family and friends !
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