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How to make inside of tube reflective?...tia sal

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Guest, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Greetings, All

    I have a tube which I would like to make the inside reflective.
    Does anyone know if there is a reflective type of spray or dip that I can coat the inside of the tube with
    to give it a mirror type of coating?

  2. There's a chrome like color in spray cans that you can buy at hobby stores
    and home improvemnet stores. The results are OK, but usually get dull over
    time, especially when touched. If the basematerial is conductive, you can
    also have it chromed via a car parts store. Also, you can polish a pice of
    aluminum an bebd it to fit inside your pipe. The easiest an cheapest thing,
    but also at mediocre quality and only in one available size, would be to buy
    a polished or chrome clothes bar, those rather sturdy pipes that go inside
    your closet, and polish the inside with some rotating fabric.
  3. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    coat the inside of the tube with
    Try your local art shop for plastic mirror foil. Roll it up and insert in
    tube. Will give better results than trying to paint the inside of a tube!
  4. steamer

    steamer Guest

    --How reflective and what material is the tube made of?
  5. Yukio YANO

    Yukio YANO Guest

    40 years ago, I would have said look in the Yellow pages under mirrors,
    for a re-silvering shop. These people would use a modification of "John
    A. Brashear's " silvering process. In this process a Silver
    Nitrate/Ammonium Hydroxide solution would be Reduced to a metallic
    Silver film on any surface using a Glucose solution . This is very much
    equipment simpler than Vaccumn evaporation for large or irregular objects.
    This is or was the method of choice for "Thermos Bottles", Dewar Flasks.

    Most "Silvered objects are now Vaccumn Coated with Aluminum, very
    cheaply once you acquire a suitable Chamber.

    For a one time, application 25 grams of Silver Nitrate would probably
    coat several square Meters. A tube would be simple to silver, using the
    tube itself as your reaction chamber. I did silver my first Telescope
    Mirror using this method. I recently Aluminized it in a Vaccumn Chamber,
    very much cleaner and easier, but then how many people have easy access
    to an Electron Microscope Lab.

    Yukio YANO
  6. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    If it's a metal tube you could get it chrome plated easily.
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