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How to Land an Internship?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by bm, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. bm

    bm Guest


    I'm student pursuing an AAS degree in Electronics. Having already
    passed the halfway mark on the road to graduation, I'd like very much
    to land an internship with a local company to learn more
    real-world/applied electronics rather than text and lab book
    materials. In addition, I feel real-world experience, albeit as an
    intern, would better position myself for employment once I do

    My question is this: how does one go about landing an internship? Many
    large electronics company websites mention internships but these
    appear primarliy directed at BSEEs, not lowly AAS'.

    A paid internship would be ideal (some money is better than none), but
    not necessarily required if I feel that I'm learning enough in return
    for my investment.

    I've already completed one quarter-long internship with a small
    company, which arranged through my school's program. That ended and
    now, with nothing similar on the horizon, I'd like to maybe try
    something on my own now.

    Would a good coarse of action be to somply cold-call the listed number
    and ask for the engineering department in the hopes of landing someone
    whi supervises technicians? Perhaps an email along the same lines?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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