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How to induce fault in an LCD monitor?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Bit of an unusual question here:
    If someone wanted to sabotage an LCD monitor, rendering it
    unrepairable, but make it seem like a plausible random fault, what
    would be the best way of doing this?
  2. No one with any sense of ethics would do so. From the way that you posed
    the question, this appears to be a request for instructions on how to do
    something unethical and likely illegal. No sale. Now if you have a unit
    that you think someone has done this to, post the troubleshooting details
    and ask for help regarding the source of the failure. Otherwise, go away.

  3. Guest

    I was going to say it's amazing that people even ask, but then it is a
    pretty big world out there. I've long known one thing about human
    psychology, while pros may call it projection I sum it up in a few

    By analogy, they get pissed when they see someone run a red
    light---because they want to run the red light. Perhaps they are afraid
    to because they are within 2 points of losing their license.

    By not quite analogy, the other facet of sheeple psychology is that the
    idiot will not recognize intelligence for the most part. By the same
    token, those without ethics or morals cannot see it in others. They
    think all are as greedy and ruthgless as they.

    So, basically I'm almost surprised we don't see more of this. With
    implulse buying and people's attitudes I'd say some are afraid to ask.
    To these lowlifes I have this to ask. How about we take whatever goods
    or services YOU produce (if any !) and sabotage them to get an
    undeserved refund and/or to make you look bad ? Hmm ?

  4. Gerard Bok

    Gerard Bok Guest

    Let me guess :)

    The LCD has bright spots, but no pixel-guarantee ?
    A very steady hand and a very fine water resistant felt-tip
    pencil come to mind :)

    One thing: don't try to out-smart the engineer: they have seen it
    all. And know what to look for :)
  5. Hi!
    And you'd want to do this because...?

    I can tell you that a set of wayward car keys can scratch the topmost layer
    of the screen. You also really shouldn't spray glass cleaner right on the
    screen itself...

    Seriously, though...if you're thinking of deliberately damaging the monitor
    in order to get a replacement or warranty work that you can't get
    now...don't do that.

  6. Guest

    I'm not. The item's warranty has expired and it's not a question of
    financial gain, but I can understand people jumping to the wrong
    conclusion. Unfortunately I can't be more specific.
  7. Ohmster

    Ohmster Guest

    wrote in
    Why can't you be more specific? You for sure have lit up every red flag in
    the newsgroup so nobody is going to give you an answer. If you want to ruin
    it so that you can justify buying a new one to the wife, what is the big
    deal? Is she a regular reader of
  8. Gerard Bok

    Gerard Bok Guest

    She just needs to be 'google aware' :)
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