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How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jessi, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

  2. It works because the ethernet cable is acting like an antenna for the
    wifi card. You could wrap it around a hot dog, or just make a loop and
    it would probably work just as well.

    It might even work better without the cell phone, a high power
    radio transmitter near a receiving antenna causes the receiver to "block".
    My cell phone (1 watt on 900mHz and 2 watts on 1800mHz) is strong enough.

    The salad bowl is a neat trick, and it would help.

    Even better would be to use a USB WiFi dongle and suspend it in the middle
    of a foil lined salad bowl.

  3. (Geoffrey S. Mendelson) hath wroth:
    Grumble. That was my idea, first. See:

    The problem is that the salad bowl is not a perfect approximation of a
    parabola. In addition, the USB dongle is not a proper feed with a
    pattern optimized to illuminate the reflector. In short, it's a
    kludge, but it works.

    The salad bowl is optically reflective, so installing a point light
    source at the focus will display the approximate radiation pattern on
    the wall. At best, I get an annular ring with about a 15 degree
    spread, which is far from perfect, but functional. Sorry, but I have
    to give back by pile of borrowed test equipment before I could make a
    gain measurement.
  4. I only mentioned it because he suggested to use it to make his ethernet
    wire coiled around a cell phone antenna work better. It was IMHO a better
    idea to use an actual transciever instead of a passive antenna that
    works via leakage.

    It's a moot point for me, I'm limited to 100mw EIRP for WiFI
    and terrestrial ham links.

  5. Guest

    Oh, my. Eric has lots of interesting tidbits on his site and youtube
    page. I looked at a few of them to see if anything was going to explode,
    but they all seem perfectly harmless.

    I prefer for electrical wisdom.

    I'm not sure i understand the point of sites like these.
  6. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    He is going to need to put the cell phone over to the side of the
    bowl so when he puts the bowl on his head the phone will be next
    to his ear (the new alien signals he is picking up may be weaker
    and harder to hear).
  7. lurk

    lurk Guest

    I use an old WOK as a parabolic and cut out for the dongle in the is very directional and it works.....
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