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How to hook up a Frequency Counter

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by kayvee, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. kayvee

    kayvee Guest

    Hey everyone!

    I have this machine that *should* be switching on and off at a
    frequency of about 110-120HZ. It is powered by a 24DC power supply and
    is controlled by a 12.5W, 100Ohm Rheostat placed in series with the
    machine. It usually draws about 0.2A ~ 0.4A (fused at 0.5A).

    As of now I have no way of telling what the frequency of the machine
    (it is very important that it is accurate), and I plan on buying a
    panel mounted frequency counter to rectify this problem... But looking
    at the stats of the frequency counters I can afford out there they
    don't like being given any more than 10-40mA.

    Now the question is how do I hook up this frequency counter to measure
    my machine without hooking it in a fashion which would give it the
    full brutality of the current?

    Once again, any input would be greatly appreciated and thanks again!
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