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How to get V-Sync and H-Sync signals using 74ACT715-R

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by TBird, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. TBird

    TBird Guest

    I have trouble in using video sync generator 74ACT715, I want to get
    vertical and horizonal sync signal, but I don't know how to control
    the input the get the results. Anybody can give me some hints? thanks
    a lot.
  2. Have you taken a look at the datasheet?
    You need to supply a 14.31818MHz clock signal, power supply, and a CLEAR
    pulse to get it going. the -R variant should then begin generating signals
    based on the default values programmed into its registers.

    If you are not getting what you expect (the default settings output blanking
    intervals instead of sync signals) then you need to hook up the register
    interface signals to a micro of some sort and reprogram the registers to new

    What is your specific issue right now? Are you getting signal generation?

    Dana Frank Raymond
  3. TBird

    TBird Guest

    Your reply is very helpful, thanks.
    Actually,I read the datasheet
    ( ) lots of times but
    couldn't figure my problem out.
    I will try your suggestion and I think I can get the default output.
    But the default output in Pin 14 an 15 are CSYNC and VGATE, not what I
    want (VSYNC and HSYNC). According to the datasheet, I need to change
    B2 B1 B0 in REG0 to '0 1 0', the default values are ' 0 0 0', but I
    can't find how to control REG0 now, this the big problem. Would you
    please give me more suggestions, appreciate it.
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