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How to eliminate vocal from a mono recording?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Radium, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Is there any equipment that can eliminate all vocals, kicks, spikes,
    clicks, snares, hiss, saxophones, drums, and leads by recognizing
    their waveforms rather than removing the central channel of a

    Current "voice cancellors" work by ridding the whatever is identical
    in both right and left. This would not eliminate vocals if they were
    recorded differently in the right and left channels.

    I have heard of voice recognition software. Probably wouldn't help
    with music though.
  2. My old Kenwood home-theater amp has a Kareoke mode, which is actually
    quite good at removing vocals from music.

    It works best with female voices though.

    I believe it is a program for the built-in DSP that does the

  3. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Would it be able to eliminate the kicks, spikes, clicks, snares, hiss,
    saxophones, drums, and leads as well?

    I would like to eliminate all vocals, kicks, spikes, clicks, snares,
    hiss, saxophones, drums, and leads from my following CD collection of

    1. The Perfect Fan - Backstreet Boys
    2. Drowning - Backstreet Boys
    3. I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
    4. We Live - Bosson
    5. Where Are You - Bosson
    6. One In a Million - Bosson
    7. Drops of Jupiter - Train
    8. Online Songs - Blink 182
    9. The Rock Show - Blink 182
    10. All The Small Things - Blink 182
    11. One More Night - Phil Collins
    12. Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins

    Basically I would like to keep in these songs, only the painos,
    guitars, and synth pads. Then make the volume of the synth pads the
    loudest and decrease the painos and guitars to the point where they
    can still be heard without overriding the synth pads.
  4. Val

    Val Guest

    There is no machine or soft which can do that with any degree of
    acceptable accuracy. The only way is to have some professional to
    write down and record the tracks for you. I would recommend these guys
    they have lower price and better quality than any other place.
    In 2-3 days they can do a song, the charge depends on how difficult
    each song is. The resulting backing tracks will sound as close to the
    original as possible...
  5. Alex Bird

    Alex Bird Guest

    Buy midi files of these tunes, put them in a sequencer, mute the parts
    you don't want etc. Play through a decent module or soundcard.

    Software to do what you want may be *possible*, but it is in its

  6. No, the mode is not adjustable.

    There are two settings for the function

    1) to remove (as good as it can) the vocals entirely
    2) to remove the vocals while the mic input is active, while passing it
    through when the input is silent. (fill in mode)
    Nope, won't work with this one.

    I've only used the feature once, when my daughter and some of her
    friends were singing to some (Madonna?) song, and I crafted a cassette
    for them.

  7. No.

    Computers are good at analysis of complex data. I wouldn't be
    surprised if they do this someday. But we're nowhere near it yet.

    On some of the music groups you find people who religiously believe
    that this will NEVER be possible, and get quite upset if you suggest
    it might. Strange :)
  8. CSP Audio

    CSP Audio Guest

    Removing vocals/leads from mono CAN be done to a reasonable degree
    We have examples proving it!

    But what you're asking for is pretty much (still) impossible, sorry

    CSP Audio
  9. CSP Audio

    CSP Audio Guest

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