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how to convert a 6 volt system to a 12 volt system on a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Sensors and Actuators' started by jayskaggs, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. jayskaggs


    Oct 21, 2013
    hey guys i have a 1980 suzuki gn400 that comes standard with a 6 volt battery and is charged from a magneto i would like to change the set up to 12 volt so i can get better headlights and tail lights for the bike plus i will have alot more options as far as styles of lights........ ill give you all the info i have

    the bike is kickstart only and actually doesnt even need the battery to run.... the battery is only for suppling power to all the lights horn and signals ..... i have removed all the lights horn signals and have just the wiring from the magneto going to the cdi box and 1 wire going from the cdi to the coil to supply the spark to the spark plug much like the page that shows only the cdi wiring except the wire that goes from the cdi to the ignition switch and the kill switch has been removed also...... this is literally all the wiring that is on the bike now and it starts and runs fine

    now for the headlight and tail light set up i would like to run an HID head light that takes about 6 amps to fire up and runs around 3-4 amps continuous.... the tail light will be and LED set up which shouldnt take more than an amp or 2 im looking to somehow convert the standard 6 volt system to a 12 volt system and run what looks like a 10 amp draw at the most .....

    i have searched and searched around and cant get a for sure answer on how this done ... i am part of a forum on yahoo that is only for my bike and have seen a couple people say they have had success but ive also seen people say that it doesnt work so i figured i would try here and get some answers from people who actually know electronics in and out i like to have for sure answers before i start touching wires together lol

    here is the group that i use they have many many great topics and write ups i just dont feel 100% confident that the conversion topics are going to work on my bike

    i have ordered a single phase 12 volt rectifier/regulator (cause thats what some people said would work) and it didnt work so im out $60 (maybe) and im starting over.........

    any help would be much appreciated thanx :)

    if you look at the color schematic i have attached you will notice there is a pink wire which goes up to the headlight system and then there is a white/blue stripe wire that goes to a rectifier and charges the battery which provides power to all the lights

    the pink and the white/blue are no longer hooked up to anything(cause i removed all the accessories) from what ive seen people are able to use these ac outputs and successfully get 12volts using a single phase 12 volt rectifier/regulator but i tried using this and im only gettin 3 volts dc output from this part so im stuck........

    some meter numbers for ya.....

    pink wire @ idle- 5.1 volts ac
    pink wire @ 3/4 throttle-13 volts ac

    white/blue wire @ idle-7.4 volts ac
    white/blue wire @ 3/4 throttle-20.4 volts ac

    i also have a black/red wire coming out of the other side of the magneto the goes to the cdi box and it is running 48volts ac @ idle and around 54 volts ac 3/4 throttle...
    can i use this wire and run it to a rectifier then a voltage regulator or something to keep it around 12 volts dc?

    any questions please email me and ill do the best i can to get you an answer ...

    thanks :)

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