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how to control current

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by pil, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. pil

    pil Guest

    We have a huge problem at our house. The main cicuit breaker (60-amp) trips
    all the time. This is because too many appliances are switched on inside the

    I need a circuit breaker that will switch off the geysers, ect when the
    current exceeds 55amp.

    Does such circuit breakers exist? Im interested in the ones that uses a ring
    around the main power wire.
  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  3. pil

    pil Guest

    sorry. South African english.

    geyser is used to heat water for showering, bathing, ect.

    ect is used to indicate that there is more things that is similar to those
    mentioned. like dogs can be bulldog, dobermann, labrador, bullterrior, ect.

    Now you can help me with a english word. What is that thing called that you
    clip around an electrical wire so that you can measure the current that
    flows in it?
  4. That 'ring' is a current transformer. Instead of that, why don't you
    upgrade your AC supply to a heavier supply? It only makes sense,
    instead of trying to prevent the breaker from being overloaded, which is
    gonna eventually happen anyway as you add more appliances.
  5. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    In the UK we'd call that an immersion heater. Unless it does it on
    demand (as opposed to heating a storage tank), in which case it would
    probably be called something else. The hot water part of a combination
    boiler does on-demand water heating, but we mostly use gas here as the
    North Sea is full of it. Anyway, that was probably useless
    I think you mean etc. - the abbreviation (or is a contraction?) of the
    Latin "et cetera", which means "and the rest", more or less.

  6. I think the simplest solution would be to find a big power user that
    you do not need at every moment (tank water heater, for instance) that
    can be switched off by a relay (normally closed contacts) when some
    other big but short time user (like an on demand heater) is switched
    on. If you don't have such choices, then you need to start by
    prioritizing the loads to decide what can be sacrificed before you go
    to the trouble of building a control system.
  7. -------------------
    Oh, like a gas mantel wrapped with a coil, called a flash heater,
    like an "Ascot" balanced flue in-wall instant water heater,
    or similar.

    You mean "etc.", comes from "et cetera", Latin for "and other-things".

    Split-ring inductive transducer?

    -Steve Walz
    Electronics Site!! 1000's of Files and Dirs!! With Schematics Galore!! or

  8. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Current transformer?
    Clamp-on Ammeter?
    Ground Fault Interrupter?
    Hall Effect Device?
    Current Shunt?

  9. pil

    pil Guest

    In south africa the maximum amperage that may be drawn from a house is
    60Amp. So I am not allowed to use an 80amp breaker :-(
  10. pil

    pil Guest

    Thanks for the relay idea. The devices that cause power failure is washing
    machine, tumble drier, water heater, swimming pool pump. When two of these
    are run at once and lights are on power fails.

    The main problem with using relays is that the washing machine is too far
    away from water heaters and pump so using a signal wire on that distance is
    not really advisable.

    How hard will it be to implement a current transformer into the main power
    box? Then the water heaters and pump can simply be switched off when the
    current exceeds a limit.
  11. GuRu

    GuRu Guest

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