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How to connect JVC Stereo Cassete Deck(KD-AD2),Stereo Integrated Amplifier(A-S7),Stereo Tuner(T-V3)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Thaqalain, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

    Back of Cassete Deck:
    Line In(Rec):R,L : Line Out(Play):R,L

    Back of Amplifier:
    Tuner,Aux,Tape1(Play,Rec),Tape2(Play,Rec),Phono- each have R,L black
    slots for Cable.

    Speakers slots(Turning Plastic Screw Type):
    System1(Impedance 8-16 Ohms):Right(Red & Black),Left(Red & Black)
    System2(Impedance 4-16 Ohms):Right(Red & Black),Left(Red & Black)
    Ground Connector

    Back of TV:
    Audio In- Mono1(L,R),Mono2(L,R) All Black
    HI-FI Out (L,R) All Black
    Select Out (L,R) All Black
    Video In (1,2),I am adding for information only
    Antenna Slots:
    Slot for Cable
    Option Selector for:Cable/Norm
    Option of:75 Ohms/600 Ohms
    VHF:2 Metal Screws
    UHF:2 Metal Screws

    Back of Tuner
    Red & White Audio Cable
    Antenna(Turning Plastic Screws 3 nos,2 for FM,1 for AM)
    75 Ohms FM,GND with connecter adapter for Cable
    Point for 75 Ohms Coaxial(its shape is like Ohm Symbol)
    Sliding/moveable Knob over fixed with Yellowish Woven Threads(Can't
    Interpret correctly)

    I have been able to listen FM very well,AM weak signal by connecting
    Tuner Red & White Audio Cable to HIFI out point of TV.
    I listened weak signals from cassete.
    I want to know how to connect GNDs on amplifier & Tuner?How to connect
    Tuner Antenna?
    Where is which cable to be connected to enable to get
    Deck,Amplifier,Tuner activated anytime.
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