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How to choose target_library?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Peng Yu, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. Peng Yu

    Peng Yu Guest

    Is there any discriptions of the target_library?
    I'm studying synopsys' tools. I don't find any document for target
    libraries in synopsys manual, and I don't know how to choose them.
    What's the difference between them.
    In TSMC, there are several libraries:
    fast.db tsmc13fsg_4lm.plib tsmc13fsg_6lm.plib tsmc13fsg_8lm.plib
    fast.lib slow.db tsmc13fsg_5lm.pdb tsmc13fsg_7lm.pdb
    typical.db fastz.db slow.lib tsmc13fsg_5lm.plib
    tsmc13fsg_7lm.plib typical.lib fastz.lib tsmc13fsg_4lm.pdb
    tsmc13fsg_6lm.pdb tsmc13fsg_8lm.pdb

    Which one shall I choose?

    I'm very appreciated if somebody can provide some useful

  2. Well, just from looking at the library naming I can make some
    assumptions. Some of the library databases are for processes with
    either 4 metal layers, 5 metal layers etc. (i.e., the 4lm 5lm 6lm
    postfixes). Adding metal layers changes the parasitics of certain
    processes so the timing information is different.
    I believe the .plib files are for physical synthesis tools while the
    normal .db and .lib files are uses for non-physical synthesis.
    You'll have to get more information from your library vendor.
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