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How to charge a Li-ION Laptop battery

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nina, Apr 6, 2004.

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  1. Nina

    Nina Guest

    My laptop, Compaq Presario 1510T (also known as Evo N1000c) works fine
    off the AC adpter but does not charge my batteries. The batteries are
    OK, they charge just fine in someone else's laptop, but in mine the
    charging light blinks on and off and nothing happens.

    I spoke to a number of laptop technicians who said that since in
    laptops everything is part of the motherboard, the only reasonable
    solution would be to charge the batteries outside the laptop. The
    question is how.
    The one external Compaq brand charger I found is around $600.00 and
    up, which obviously, doesn't make any sense to buy.

    Any ideas?
    My batteries are 289053-001 and 240258-001.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Since you don't want to buy the charger needed the other option would be to
    have your laptop repaired so it will properly charge the batteries, which
    probably would mean replacing the motherboard.
  3. johnnie7

    johnnie7 Guest

    there is a few li-ion battery chargers available for remote control
    models....most come with bare wires u would need solder conects to use
    a basic charger

  4. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    Lithium ion batteries are great but they are fussy. They have
    complecated chargeing issues that need a full time baby sitter or
    microproccer. If not done right, heat, fire and explosions occure.
    No one wants to make a unversal charger for that. But a laptop like
    yours that is busted expect it charges batteries is a cheap sollution
    from ebay. If you find one with a broken lcd and no ram or drives and
    bad keyboard and etc. it would be cheap. Just ask the seller if it
    charges only.
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