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How to cause magnetic inteference in sample playback MIDI synths?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radium, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest


    Please assist me with the following.

    I would like to make some replicable magnetic electronic nanobots that
    will search for sample playback MIDI synths in any part of the world
    and attach to the digital chips of sample playback MIDI synths. These
    nanobots should contain magnetic receivers that will extract any
    random environmental magnetic audio signals from 2 kHz to 50 kHz
    [excluding spikes, square-waves, white noise, brown noise, pink noise
    and bass sounds]. The nanobots then amplify those signals to the point
    where they would significantly interfere with -- and cause inductive
    crosstalk in -- the audio signals in the digital electronic chips of
    the sample playback MIDI synths. This will cause sample playback MIDI
    synths to be full of annoying -- and perhaps even frightening --
    auditory disruptions from environmental magnetic interference.

    That way all companies will be forced to make *real* synths and the
    listeners will be forced to adapt to the excellent audio quality of
    *real* synths. For those who miss their stinky human kakaa foam of
    sample playback synths, well, f--k them!

    Note: The magnetic signals that interfere with those digital chips
    should be purely-analog. I just love it when purely-analog magnetic
    signals cause significant disruptions in purely-digital chip-based
    parts of electronic devices that I don't like. Sample playback MIDI
    synths are an example of digital electronic devices that I don't like
    so I want to victimize them in this manner -- i.e. via magnetic

    On the Creative website -- -- I am known as

    In the above link, is where I take revenge against the following:

    1. Creative Technology for no longer making or upgrading Creative
    Music Synth [220]

    2. Customers who like -- or don't mind -- sample playback MIDI synths

    3. Customers who dislike -- or don't care for - Creative Music Synth

    On the Creative Technology site, I first asked my questions politely
    but no one answered me. I then got frustrated and vented all my anger.
    Now those jerks know how I feel.

    I lost control of my temper and used very bad words. As a result, any
    computer with my home IP address cannot access the Creative forums.
    Also, if I login under the name "CMS220" in any part of the world, the
    Creative site will automatically ban access to its forums from that
    network. They've banned access to the forums from three places already
    because I logged in under CMS220. They've got some auto-ban type of
    feature, it seems.

    It started off like this. I asked in the Creative Technology as politely as I could. I waited a couple
    of weeks. No response. I asked again as politely as I could, waited
    another few weeks. Again no answers. I tried on the third and last
    time as politely as I could. AGAIN, no answers!!!

    I then got impatient and aggressive. I started venting my anger in
    those forums. I used bad words. As a result, they've permanently
    banned my IP and I can no longer access their forums. What a buncha
    jerks. Yes, I did get carried away with the foul language but hey, can
    ya blame me?

    So I can no longer sign-in under CMS220. I got a new username "SB16-
    ISA-FM" and logged in from another network outside my house. I started
    venting my anger again using colorful language. One of the Creative
    Technology companymen then sent me a warning note, in which he/she/it
    threatened to contact my ISP and shut-down my internet connection.
    What those fools don't realize is that I can log in under any name
    from any network that I am given access to. It doesn't have to be from
    my house.

    Maybe if Creative Technology weren't made up of such jerks, then I
    wouldn't have started spamming their forums in the 1st place. So its
    not my fault.

    I would like a real Creative Music Synth [220]. Doesn't have to be in
    a sound card. It could be a keyboard, a MIDI box or in any other form.

    Sadly, its not gonna happen because the mechanism by which Creative
    Music Synth [220] is kept classified as top-secret by Creative
    Technology Ltd. CMS220 is no longer made yet the sick @$$ company
    still keeps the working of CMS220 a secret.

    Creative Technology is a stubborn piece of crap. F--k those stingy
    secretive bastards.

    I hate sick sample playback MIDI synths.

    I just wish the audio communities would revert back to real, non-
    emulated SB16 FM synthesis and upgrade from there.

    FM emulation [or any audio emulation for that matter] is sample
    playback. Sample playback synth = human kakaa

    SB Live stinks like human kakaa. It has no real music synthesis. Its
    all kakaa-like emulation.

    SB16 PCI has the disadvantages of SB16 ISA [e.g. limitation to 16-bit
    resolution] without the advantages [e.g. *real* FM synthesis]. All
    SB16 PCIs should be burned in oxyacetylene flames.

    AFAIK, some PCI cards contain something called 'Yamaha FM synth'. I
    hate it though because it is emulation. The Avance sound card has
    'Avance FM synth', but its also a real stinker as it isn't a real
    synth. The evil PCI loves to inflict pain on other types of slot --
    ISA being the unfortunate victim. PCI cards don't contain real FM

    Anything kind of 'OPL' a PCI would have, would be emulation. The only
    'OPL' any PCI cards have is OPL emulation. Emulation stinks like human
    diarrhea kakaa foam. I don't understand why a PCI card cannot contain
    a real FM synth like Creative Music Synth [220]. Is there a technical
    barrier to this?

    I can easily tell the difference between the freshness, brightness,
    warmth, and liveliness of a *real* synth from the stale, cacophonous
    -- or rather KAKAA-FOAMous -- fart of emulation.

    Creative Music Synth [220] = SB16 ISA's FM synth = my favorite MIDI

    I don't care for other MIDI synths.

    Creative Music Synth [220] is:

    1. Real


    2. Digital


    3. Hardware


    4. Real-time

    All other FM synths are okay. Wavetables are also good. But I don't
    care for them.

    Here are my ratings for *soundcard* MIDI synths in the order from best
    to worst:
    1. Creative Music Synth [220]
    2. All digital hardware FM synths other than Creative Music Synth
    3. Wavetables, non-FM digital synths, analog [non-digital] synths
    4. Sample playback synths

    Sample playback synths are the worst.

    Sample playback synths STEEEENK!!!!

    Sample playback MIDI synths are the worst audio equipment ever. They
    are stinky, tickly, itchy, creepy, irritating, farty, hissy,
    terrifying, disgusting, and annoying.

    I like the audio quality of Creative Music Synth [220]. It sounds so
    warm, fresh, bright, rejuvenating, lively and effervescent.

    The only thing about Creative Technology that I like is their Creative
    Music Synth [220]. Other than that, they are a piece of kakaa.

    Creative Technology is one f--king piece of crap that provides sh--ty
    customer service. Their tech support is so limited.

    Creative Technology used to be such a great company 13 years ago. Now
    there are nothing but stinky-diarrhea-kakaa-foam-of-humans.

    I've asked them about Creative Music Synth [220] -- through a variety
    of means, including but not limited to phone, fax, and their online
    tech support -- only to be totally-ignored. I asked them about this
    for the past 5 years. Never got a decent answer. In addition, most of
    their online tech support is pre-written garbage.

    Creative Technology also uses such f--ked up sickening disgusting
    sample playback synths in their PCI cards.

    I wish that a gang of persons who support Creative Music Synth [220]
    would attack Creative Technology and force them to make hardware
    versions of Creative Music Synth [220] -- in PCI cards that are
    compatible with PCI slots and Windows XP -- upgraded from 16-bit to 32-
    bit and from 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz. And from there, keep on upgrading!
    When XP and PCI are obsolete then Creative Technology should be forced
    to make even newer hardware versions of CMS220 -- with even wider bit-
    resolutions and higher sample-rates -- that are compatible with the
    newer hardwares and softwares that will exist in that future time.

    If Creative Technology refuses, I hope the CMS220-advocating gang ties
    up the people who make up that company and torturously forces them to
    repeatedly listen to sample playback MIDI synths and emulation until
    those Creative personnel are annoyed with burning headaches and are
    deathly desperate for an escape. Only then will the people of Creative
    Technology do the right thing -- make upgraded versions of Creative
    Music Synth [220].

    A rich spoiled-rotten company like Creative deserves to be heinously
    hijacked and forced to do their duties.

    The least Creative Technology Ltd could do is put a *real* 32-bit
    resolution, 192 kHz sample rate version of Creative Music Synth [220]
    on a PCI card. But noooooooooooooooooooooo! They are too f--king lazy.

    Its not just Creative Technology that's responsible. Its also the
    fault of self-destructive customers who don't mind paying $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    $$$$$$ for those crappy sample playback synths. F--k those customers
    as well. Masochistic perverts! I don't care if those customers destroy
    themselves. Though, I sure as f--k don't want them destroying me! Such
    customers should eat their own stinky diarrhea kakaa foam. If you feed
    a scum, then you're just as filthy as that scum and I sincerely hope
    you suffer just as much.

    I feel like torching the chips of sample playback synths with
    oxyacetylene flames to distort their audio output.

    Creative Music Synth [220] is my favorite MIDI synth.

    Its those sample playback synths that are crap.

    Sadly most MIDI magazines advertise the kakaa-stinky sample playback
    as a good thing often referring to them as 'wavetables'. These sick
    marketers call sample playback synthesis 'realistic sounding'.

    Sample playbacks synths are nothing more than the sound of a stinky
    fart emitted from a human colon.

    I've been looking hard for true FM synths. No luck. Most PCI cards
    have OPL emulation. I hate FM emulation. FM emulation -- much like any
    sample playback synthesis -- is to the ear what human kakaa is to the

    I want *real* FM synthesis not some stinky trashy out-of-a-human-
    behind emulation.

    Those stinky-f==king marketers who refer to sample playback synthesis
    as 'wavetables' deserve to be thrown into the sewer and made to eat
    their own crap.

    There is a world of different between sample playback synthesis and
    wavetable synthesis.

    If you still believe the marketer-induced myth that wavetable
    synthesis and sample playback synthesis are the same thing, then
    please educate yourself with the hardcore scientific facts presented
    on the following link:

    Wavetable synthesis is so much better than any kakaa-spitting sample
    playback synth but not nearly as heavenly as *true* FM synthesis. Of
    all the *true* FM synths, Creative Music Synth [220] is my favorite.

    If a synth is *not*:

    1. *Real*


    2. *Digital*


    3. *Real-time*


    4. *Hardware*

    then it,

    I try playing Creative Music Synth [220], through my so called
    'karaoke voice canceller' -- which inverts the phase of one stereo
    channel [right or left] and then combines it the other channel --
    which results in anything identical in both the left and right
    channels being removed. I get a mono of what was different in the left
    and right channels.

    When I play Creative Music Synth [220] audio through the voice-
    canceller, it sounds more treble, sharper, brighter, warmer, and
    crisper than when I don't use the voice canceller.

    Any understanding, cooperation, and assistance is greatly appreciated.


  2. Guest

    Write a letter to Marvel Comics for help in your project.

    <remaining insane nonsense snipped>
  3. notejam

    notejam Guest

    Try going to and enter fm synth in the search window.
    Also go to and do the same.

    ZZounds has 3 new fm software synths, and on ebay you can find lots of
    hardware fm synths.
    The old dx7 was kind of king of the old fm synths in the early days of
    midi and synths.
    They sounded pretty good, were used by lots of bands and on lots of
    The dx11 is 8 voice multi-timbral, sort of like a lil brother of the
    dx7, as it had 4 operator (yamahas word for it) intead of 6 operator
    synths. The dx7 is a solo instrument.

    Think garage band also had a dx7 fm synth either with it, or in an add
    on package.
  4. contrex

    contrex Guest

    He or she sounds from their writing like they are autistic. Possibly
    high-functioning, but autistic all the same.
  5. Afoklala

    Afoklala Guest

    Op 14 Feb 2007 23:37:38 -0800 schreef contrex:
    Don't think so. Autistic people usually know very well what they're on
    about. They know everything there is to know about their preferred subject
    (they usually have one). This person just talks gibberish - nanorobots to
    find files on the internet? That's rubbish. No autistic would come up with
    such an idea. Either because they're not interested in related subjects, or
    because they are and know all about it.
    (BTW, I'm a father of an autistic 17yo)
    Jan Willem from Odijk, Netherlands

    Listen to my music on

    e-mail in From-field is wrong, real e-mail is:
    jw point van point dormolen on xs4all point nl
    (change point into dot, on into at)

    And then there's this:
    Forsooth, avoid archaisms.
  6. Wes

    Wes Guest

  7. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Radium, your past trolls have at least had the advantage of appearing
    to be SLIGHTLY in touch with reality. You may want to try again
    with this one.

    Bob M.
  8. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Ask the nice folks at the home to adjust your meds...
  9. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Whats trollish about wanting to take revenge against sample playback
    MIDI synths?

    I want to punish the purely-digital chip-based parts of sample
    playback MIDI synths by terrifying their producers and consumers with
    random magnetic auditory purely-analog interference.

    I want to force companies and customers to be unwilling to make or use
    any sample playback MIDI synths via the above method.
  10. Wes

    Wes Guest

    I hate to break it to you, but your beloved SoundBlaster is a purely digital
    chip based world. To use the device you fantasize about will surely destroy
    your SoundBlaster along with all the evil sample playback instruments. It
    will be collateral damage.

    Wes Taggart
  11. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Nope. My magnetic device can precisely tell the difference between
    Creative Music Synth [220] and a sample playback MIDI synth. It steers
    clear of the former while polluting the latter with terrifying
    magnetic disruptions.

    I'll see to it that revenge is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wes

    Wes Guest

    Since you are asking how to create such a device, I find it fascinating that
    you already know this to be true.


  13. Mr Pyburn

    Mr Pyburn Guest

    hmm. Curiously i decided to Google "Creative Music Synth [220]"
    Yes, oh what a shock - lots of forum posts of you harking on about
    something which at first I thought was legitimate and interesting.
    However, it would appear that I've wasted my time (yes, am aware of
    the self-referencial irony, due to me wasting time typing this!)

    Where have all the interesting posts gone?
    Oh look - here they are... hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of
    people who actually DO have something constructive to say.

    Radium - why don't you write articles for Fortean Times or the
    National Enquirer?


  14. He should write the science column for the "Weekly World News"

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  15. Wes

    Wes Guest

    Even they wouldn't believe him.

    Wes Taggart


  16. That makes him a perfect fit for their tabloid.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  17. Weekly World News - and if you have pictures of Batboy (the love child of
    Marilyn and Elvis who now live in a trailer park and run the local Piggly
    Wiggly) do include them.

  18. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    All of the above publications have rejected his submissions on
    the grounds of their straining credulity just TOO far...

    Bob M.
  19. (Begged to know how to make cheap hardware even worse with nanobots.)
    Wasn't that Yamaha's OPL? Fine for many things, but not as flexible as
    It works. It's easy to do. It's hard to make it good, but when it's
    good, as when
    someone spends thirty hours on one track, then it's very good. If I
    wer to complain
    about SBs, it's simply that the one I used briefly, to record my 1-bit
    PC speaker, no less, was very noisy.

    When last I checked, it was very difficult to make a noticable
    improvement on 16bit/44.1k sound -- IF you hav low electrical and
    acoustic noise. The low order three to five bits of 16bit sound should
    sometimes be ignored, but I prefer to use a noise profiler/filter.
    Last time I read anything about it, Yamaha wrote it, and Creative Labs
    emulated it.

    Sine waves are stale. Square waves are stale. I dress them up.
    You hav nothing else to start with.

    That's what makes them fun. The catch for me, since I use a script
    is how to keep the transforms and harmonics interesting without making

    If it's done well, then 44.1k/16bit files are ample. If it's good
    stuff, then it'll come through a phone. Whataya want with 192khz? Bat
    chirps for echolocation? Brownian noise? Human hearing peaks at birth
    around 20khz (22.05khz can be represented at a 44.1khz sampling rate).
    An adult will hav trouble with pitches above 15khz, and the piano ends
    about an octave below that.
    The nutty thing is that this has already been done by Sony. They hav a
    DVD format supporting something like 2.88 MHz. With the proper antenna
    and amplifier, you could record most of the AM band up to 1400Khz
    _simultaneously_ (and rebroadcast it later, at a lower wattage). In
    everyday use, that would be electrical noise.
    Reportedly, a microwave oven will vaporize them (more likely, turn
    them into sand with a lot of sparking). Search for "microwave

    Okay, so in sum, Radium seems to think samples are typically garbage,
    and FM synthesis is hard to use. But he can't seem to make up his mind
    whether Creative
    Labs does a good job of either.
    <a href="
  20. I thot this thread might be about causing distortion at home.
    Reverb is distortion, but I like it, and I just uploaded something
    with a much more perverse multi-tap. Harmony is distortion, too.
    It can be difficult to make out words through it, but it sounds good.
    <a href="
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