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How to bypass PIP module?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Golf, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Golf

    Golf Guest

    I have a Magnavox #RP2748. It has vertical roll and picture problems. I
    opened the PIP module to inspect for leaky caps, but OK. I did resolder
    some suspect joints. This helped the picture stability not fix it. I
    would like to remove the module, but not sure which pins to jump. Any
    help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Skype_man

    Skype_man Guest

    There's a lot of info on this all over the internet. It depends on how
    bad the PIP board is. Mitsubishi PIP module Part # 930B552 Sky.

    If you have decided that the pip board is scrap, remove "VP" plug
    from pip module. On the plug that you removed install .01 from pin
    7 to pin 9. install 4.7/35v positive to pin 5 negative to pin 11. Put the
    altered plug back on the chassis. of course don't reinstall the pip board.

    Repair may be possible by changing C7001;4.7/35, C7014,C7026, C7036.
    All are 4.7/35. May need to install a jumper from C7001+side to Q7007

    This can be quite a big job! Add two 22uf @ 50 volts non-polarized
    capacitors accross pins 5, & 11, & 7 & 9. or.....Remove the PIP board
    and replace C7001=4.7UF,35v and all of the smt electrolytic caps on that
    Clean the board with alcohol

    plug in a 4.7ufd @ 35v filter cap (+)at pin 5,(-)at pin 11. plug in a
    ..01(any voltage) between pin 7 and 9. Just plug the caps into the socket,
    where the PIP board was mounted(they don't need to be soldered). Just don't
    let the leads from the two capacitors touch, as they cross each other.
    Wire a 4.7uf 50v cap from pin 5 to pin 11(pos. to pin 5),
    and a .01uf 50v ceramic disc from pin 7 to pin 9.

    Remove "Vp" Plug From Pip Mod.Install .01 From Pin 7 To Pin 9 Install
    4.7/35-50v;Pos.To Pin 5,Neg. To Pin 11

    Mitsubishi tech-support, Change C7001 (4.7uF35V), C7014
    (47uF35V), C7026 (4.7uF35V), and C7036 (4.7Uf35V). Due
    to etch damage, install a jumper from C7001+ to Q7007 emitter.

    Extension cables for troubleshooting the module are:
    P/N 859C432040 (11 pin) $15
    P/N 859C432030 (13 pin) $15
  3. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    The guy's talking Magnavox, not Mitsubishi :). Mitsubishi has the PIP
    problems, on magnavox the procedure is to find the problem in the video
    or power supply, not a PIP problem.
  4. Skype_man

    Skype_man Guest

    Doh!!! Sorry for the wrong info, just trying to help.
    Good to know though. Mitsubishi's are great moneymakers.
    And great T.V.'s. Sky.
  5. This is an X1 chassis :

    Replace C431 : 100uf 250V

    You will see it probably a bit bulged on the top.

    Jeff Stielau
    Shoreline Electronics Repair
    344 East Main Street
    Clinton,CT 06413
    860-664-3535 (fax)

  6. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    In the unlikely event c431 doesn't solve the problem, there is a 4
    volt electrolytic cap in the PIP module which can cause the same
    condition. I don't remember the value. Think it was 220uf. Chuck
  7. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Thanks alot guys. I will check into this when I get home. I do remember
    seeing the 220uf in the PIP module. I have resoldered this cap, and got
    better results as previously stated. I will swap this cap, and C431.
    Will post a follow up. Thanks again.
  8. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Thanks anyway Skype. This is good info. I have heard about the
    Mitsubishi PIPS problems.
  9. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Chuck, it happens for this particular problem you were right. I removed
    this cap, after it failed to check good for value. Rechecked, and the
    capacitance was higher than my meter could check (1000uf+). The cap
    looked good except, looking at the bottom of it you could see a slight
    green tint on the legs at the base, indicating leakage. I knew this was
    it when I saw this. I replaced the cap, re-adjusted the AFT, and AGC
    which I had fiddled with prior, and it looks like new. Thanks to all
    who replied. You folks definitely know your stuff.
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