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How to bypass a zone when I want to?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Total nerd, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Total nerd

    Total nerd Guest

    Howdy. I have a Napco Gemini 3200 with two audio glass break detectors,
    English keypads, among many other zones. I do not put these detectors
    on interior bypass at night, simply because the house is a bit large
    and I might not hear someone breaking a window. Instead, I have them
    on 10 second pre-alarm to give me a chance to disarm on a false alarm.
    Sometimes, during heavy thunderstorms for example, I would like to
    bypass the glass break detectors while we sleep. Is there a way to do
    this without going into the programming and setting them to Interior
    Bypass, then changing that setting the next day? I can only think of
    these possibilities, does anyone have an easier way? Thanks
    Option 1: Bypass the two zones prior to arming by using Bypass <Zone #>
    twice. I've never tried this -- do I press Interior first, to set it
    to Interior Bypass Mode (for the motion sensors), then press Bypass XX
    for the first glass break zone and Bypass YY again for the second one?
    Will it display the zone #'s I've bypassed so I know I did it right?
    Option 2: Setup some kind of second arming area. I know the 3200
    allows you to have two "areas" but I'm not sure how to select them from
    the same keypad? It would be nice if you could have two completely
    different indipendant programs using the same zones, selectable from a
    keypad. One day I would want to "arm area 1" which might mean
    everything except the motions (so I press Interior). The next day,
    maybe I'll press "arm area 2" and that means the same thing, except all
    the glass breaks are on Interior Bypass also. Is this possible?
    Option 3: ??
    Whatever option I choose, it must be "easy for the wife to understand"
    if you know what I mean. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. This will do the trick for you.


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Burglar Alarms
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  3. On a Gemini 3200, you may have to enable bypass by:
    Enter Code
    Press Bypass
    (Message will appear that says "Bypass Enabled"
    Press Bypass <Zone #> (for first GB)
    Press Bypass <Zone #> (for 2nd GB)

    PS: If you would use a GE 2000 (was caddx 2000) GB, they are reliable
    enough that you should not have to go through this scenario.

    I choose Polesoft Lockspam to fight spam, and you?
  4. Total nerd

    Total nerd Guest

    Thanks for the tip. The order in which I enter the commands is what's
    confusing me a bit. Once I want to go to sleep and enable Interior
    Bypass Mode to shut off the motion sensors AND enable manual Bypass to
    shut off the GB detectors, I can't seem to get the sequence right... I
    think it's being picky with me. What's the sequence, do you think?
    I've tried:
    1. Interior ("Bypass" is shown, now PIRs are disabled)
    2. Bypass <Zone #>
    3. Bypass <Zone #>
    4. On/Off (same as Code+On/Off button but I have mine set to Easy Arm)
    This should, in theory, do the trick, but I think I'm missing
    something... any clues? The manual is of little help because it
    doesn't tell you how to string multiple commands together like this.
  5. Total nerd

    Total nerd Guest

    I take that back. The process I outlined in my previous post works. I
    had forgotten to setup the zones as Selective Bypass. Once you do
    that, you can bypass each GB, plus use the Interior Bypass Mode to
    disable the PIRs in combination.
    For what it's worth, I honestly don't know if my GB detectors will trip
    during a thunderstorm, but prudence tells me that I should simply
    disable them when there's a strong one during the night. It's better
    than being startled in the middle of the night by a false alarm, and
    one night won't kill me...!
  6. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Does the 3200 have two interior gorups like the 9600? If so just put the
    glassbreaks on a seond interior group. If not then bypassing manually is
    the easiest options for what you want.
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