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How to build this?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi My name is Joel, i am a student studying 3d design in Auckland New

    Now, i am wanting to build a device (i want it to be quite simple, if
    it can be...), i want a small microphone to pick up sounds(eg: voice
    or whatever i hold the mic up to), i then want the sound to come out
    of a speaker.

    Im not even sure what this device would be called.

    Any help on what compnents i need and how to construct it would be
    much appreciated.


  2. "Audio amplifier"!

  3. default

    default Guest

    call it a troll
  4. Anon bozo

    Anon bozo Guest

    call it a troll

    A troll is one who throws a stinkbomb (or the USENET equivalent) into a news
    group and runs. This sounds like someone who truly wants to know. Help him.
  5. A PA amp.



  6. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    A bullhorn.
    It'd be less hassle to just buy one.
  7. Iwo Mergler

    Iwo Mergler Guest

    At the same time or later?

  8. Guest

    Hi there, well out of all the replys you seem the most genuine, thaks
    for replying,
    at the same time would be most ideal,

    Cheers Joel
  9. Guest

    wow your really helpful thanks!
  10. Guest

    Then you have toi worry about "howl" - if your microphone can hear the
    sound output by your loudspeaker, you can set up a positive feed-back
    loop with a gain greater than two, which will drive you amplifier into
    saturation at frequencies where the round-trip time from your
    loudspeaker to your microphone is an integral multiple of the
    frequency being amplified.

    If you've ever been around when somebody is setting up a public adress
    system or a sound system in a theatre, you will have heard this "howl"
    as the technicians work out how much amplification they can get away
    with between microphone and loudspeaker.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Guest

    Thanks for your reply, thats alot of help, very helpful.

  12. Noway2

    Noway2 Guest

    The answer to your question could be simple, or it could be complex,
    depending on your needs.

    I will assume that you are looking to build a simple little prototype,
    bench circuit to play around with. If that is the case, you may want to
    investigate a "two transistor amplifier" which is a simple circuit that
    is often times used to demonstrate in beginner level electronic labs.

    Investigation of such as circuit will take you down a number of paths,
    such as power supply, transistor biasing, AC and DC coupling, frequency
    response of various active and passive devices, and so forth.

    You will need to keep in mind that both a microphone and speaker operate
    on the AC waveforms, while the transistors will require a DC bias or
    offset to prevent serious distortion and will need to compensate for that.

    If you are really looking to learn about electronics, I would suggest
    the book, "The Art of Electronics" and its corresponding lab book.
  13. EdV

    EdV Guest

    You can try this article in MAKE magazine:

    and of course you guys down there have the venerable Dick Smith:

    1. Get a solderless breadboard
    2. Get some parts
    3. Power it up!
    3. Make some parts smoke

    You are half way to making an audio amp or an oscillator or . . .

    Ed V.
  14. default

    default Guest


    But the guy is posting through Google and ~70% of those can't seem to
    find it back to the group they post to; that's like AOL - barely
    knows how to use a computer . . .

    He posted to "" with a very basic question - what
    the "electronics.basics" group is for.

    AND Bob Pease, Frank Baker, Walter Jung, and other icons occasionally
    monitor and post to the group. Fill it up with "cybernetic
    challenged" posts and some heavy's may go away.

    Calling this a "basic" question is way too kind - this is more like a
    "you were born yesterday" question. Paris Hilton question.

    Someone in the 20th century with no idea of what a hearing aid or
    public address amp, or Radio Shack (haven't been in awhile but they
    had plenty of "TV hearing boosters" last time I was there - not to
    mention the covert surveillance listening devices - parabolic mics
    etc.). It is "possible" but not "plausible."

    He didn't observe basic Usenet protocol - didn't lurk and posted his
    question "cold."

    This is too lame for the basic group IMHO

    Google Groups is presenting their "portal" to USENET as a sort of AOL
    bulletin board - there's no mention that the Google patrons are
    actually accessing a function of the Internet that has been around
    longer then the WWW. They are even encouraged to post "profiles" with
    their likes and dislikes - who fucking gives a shit? But it makes
    them feel warm, fuzzy, intelligent, and wanted - when they are just
    human and can be any thing. Lets keep Usenet pure for people with
    brains? My opinion.(and of course, with my own humongous ego, I place
    myself there - or I'd at least I'd like to sit at the feet of the
    icons before googletrash send them away)

    Had he couched his question differently, I would have "fallen all over
    myself" to see that he had some idea what Usenet was, where the basics
    groups was, and what he really wanted - or ask for clarification - and
    held out more empathy. "I was, where he is," once. (I was five)

    Google is really starting to piss me off. - they haven't insinuated
    themselves to all of Usenet but it won't be long. Total idiots seem
    to be able - - - and encouraged - - - to go into scientific groups
    and ask "why is the sky blue" - WITHOUT SO MUCH AS MAKING

    Sorry Anon Bozo - - this just doesn't wash.

    But "I ain't god" I don't run the group, no one does. I welcome
    other opinions This is a real democracy.

    How about it?

    Is this a topic for ""

    What is the best response to the original poster?
  15. Actually, this isn't a "democracy". We've never had an election like
    "Let's vote on what everybody's favorite color is". This is anarchy,
    in its purest, peaceful form.

    True anarchy simply means "no rulers" - people have Free Will, and
    for the most part are competent to run their own lives without
    Government interference, and if someone gets out of line, someone
    will step in of their own Free Will and correct the problem; observe
    the trolls - they simply get ignored, except by the trollfeeders;
    the rest of us go about our business without some self-appointed (or
    "duly elected") "official" dictating what we're allowed and not allowed
    to post.

  16. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  17. default

    default Guest

    Strictly speaking, I don't think an election or "ruler" is necessary
    for a democracy. In a democracy every citizen votes for everything -
    the reason there are no democracies in the world (except for a few
    tribal societies). A true democracy is unwieldy with large numbers of

    Usenet is anarchy until you consider peer pressure - something of a
    democratic moderating force. No votes, but everyone has a voice.
  18. krw

    krw Guest

    With large numbers, a democracy is so unwieldily some sort of
    representation is necessary.
    Peer pressure works so well with Phil-A and Dimbulb! No thanks, I'd
    rather their sort be left as impotent noisemakers.
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