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How to build my own pic16f84a programmer?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Ajat, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Ajat

    Ajat Guest

    Hi ... does anyone know how to build your own pic 16f84a programmer? where
    can i find the schematic for the circuitary? i'm new into microcontroller..
    please do help. tahnk you in advance.
  2. You would really be doing yourself a favor if you just bought one
    instead. Or you could build one from a kit. Building the ultra cheap
    "dumb" programmers is very likely to lead to much frustration unless you
    happen to luck out with everything. You will have plenty of challenges
    getting your PIC projects working without having to worry about your
    programmer not working correctly. A good, reliable programmer uses an
    on-board micro to do the actual flash programming so it doesn't depend
    upon cable characteristics, pc port voltages etc... I use a PICALL
    programmer as described at It's fairly inexpensive,
    includes a software license and works beautifully.

    Instead of the 16F84, I suggest you look at the 16F628 as the 16F84 is
    now obsolete. Since you are new to PICs maybe the 18Fxx2 type chips
    might interest you more. You also ABSOLUTELY NEED to go to and sign up for the mailing list. ;-) Be sure to read
    the information on the sign up page about TOPIC TAGS.
  3. Take a look at:
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