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How to build a 1,5V power supply???

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by E Draisma, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. E Draisma

    E Draisma Guest

    Hi there,

    For an art project I need to build a small 1,5V power supply to power a
    small MP3 player. (replace a 1,5V AA battery)
    Available is 8-10V DC.

    I know a little bit about electronics, enough to build a simple schematic.
    However, I can't find a schematic to do this; maybe anyone of you knows how
    to do it?

    I would be very pleased if anyone could help me!

    Eibert Draisma.

  2. How about this (quick 'n' dirty)?

    .. ___ Imax
    .. 8-10V o-------|___|------o------>-----o ~1.4V
    .. R |
    .. |
    .. |
    .. V 1N4001
    .. -
    .. |
    .. |
    .. V 1N4001
    .. -
    .. |
    .. |
    .. ===
    .. GND

    Should work with a battery-powered device such as your MP3 player. The value
    of R depends on the player's maximum current demand, Imax. Use the equation:

    R = 5V / Imax

    where 5V is the voltage drop across R caused by Imax alone. This will keep
    the diodes on when I <= Imax, so as to maintain about 1.4V across them.
    Values higher than 1 kOhm may result is output voltages of less than 1.4V.

    Not the best solution in terms of regulation, but easy to build and should
    work for this application.

  3. Guest

    You could replace the resistor with an filament bulb. This would
    convert some of the energy to light and reduce the heat. It would also
    tend to series-regulate because its resistance increases the hotter it
    gets i.e. the more current you try to draw.

  4. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    It really only uses a single 1.5v battery?
  5. sine

    sine Guest

    It looks like a FET transistor, is it ?
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