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How much current safe for 30m extension?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Sammo, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. Sammo

    Sammo Guest

    My approach is strictly for temporary use. It will be there for a
    day at a time. (Maybe just overnight for a single night if I over-
    run the job and I don't want to put the cable and the rest of it all
    away in the evening and get it all out again in the morning).
    Sue, that appears to be a very neat solution. It sounds simple,
    cheap and effective.

    I like that and I think I should do the same on a temporary (one day)

    One variation is that I will need to lift and suspend the wire where
    is passes the end of the building furthest from my flat and goes off
    into the air. At that point I think I will need to mount a pulley in
    the wall (with the help of the tennamts in that flat) and then loop
    some string around the pulley such that the lower part of the loop
    can be reached from the ground. That way I don't need them to be in
    when I want to raise the cable up.

    The thing I must think about is security. I will never ever hear the
    end of it if the string permitted some local ne'er-do-well to pull up
    a heavier duty rope and then to scale the wall by using it!

    Maybe I will lift up the lower end of the pulley string from my own
    third story (top floor) flat by oulling another string to the
    pulley's string. IYSWIM!

    Yup, I can see that this if fraught with dangers. In fact I wonder
    if it might be easier to go into the loft and thread the wire as far
    as I can along the inside (partiton wall permitting) and then seeing
    what the down drop requirements are from there onwards!
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