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How I would like to change the *digital* cell phone industry.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radium, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Who said anything about 44Kbit/sec?

    The bit-rate of my WMA CBR is 20Kbit/sec or less.
    Yes it is possible and it is compression. The uncompressed audio is a
    monaural linear PCM at 44.1-KHz-sample-rate with a 16-bit-resolution
    -- this audio has a bit-rate of 705.6 kbps. The compressed audio is a
    monaural CBR WMA at 44.1-KHz-sample-rate with a bit-rate of 20 kbps or

    Where/when is there any change in sample-rate?????????

    There is definitely a change in bit-rate. However, that is totally
    different from the sample-rate. Totally.

    BIT-rate and SAMPLE-rate are two completely different things.

    In linear PCM audio:

    BIT-rate = SAMPLE-rate X bit-resolution X number of channels

    Stereo has two channels. Mono has one channel.

    44,100 Hz X 16-bit X 1 channel = 705,600 bps
  2. Brenda Ann

    Brenda Ann Guest

    You only want them to work in a few dozen exchanges, and use a codec that
    only other phones of that brand use, so you can't talk to anyone else but
    other customers of that company (sort of like Sprint's "Friends and Family"
    plan). ?
  3. Thx.

    cell:813-610-2978; work:813-386-4500; work2:813-915-1663
    Motto: Why face the world myself when my wife's skirt, it is so dark and
    comfy under it?
    Proclamation: "A man can have sex with sheep, cows and camels and so on.
    However, he
    should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the
    meat to the people in Nepal; Ok I did so beat me with a Yeti dick.
  4. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    I wouldn't want facts to get in the way of your rant, but you really seem to
    be misinformed or don't care for the facts.
  5. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Apple can't and isn't forcing "the phone companies" to do anything. You're
    an idiot.
    You have a monthly payment plan for minutes of use of your Mac? Is this
    something they forced you to buy?
  6. Kurt

    Kurt Guest

    You miss my point. Why do you think the iPhone is so successful?
    Why the iPod?
  7. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Until there are more facts, the iPhone's current success is due to people
    wanting a very cool instrument with good features.

    The iPod's success is from Apple having a top-notch product line with good
    features, and cool looks. And people should not overlook, but often do,
    iTunes. It is iTunes that makes the iPod easy to use, giving it easy
    access to their CD and MP3 music regardless of where they buy it. People
    who don't want an iPod can still use the free iTunes to good advantage.

    Apple doesn't make anyone do anything.

    So, what was your point?

  8. Kurt Ullman

    Kurt Ullman Guest

    Until there are more facts, the iPhone's current success is due to people
    wanting a very cool instrument with good features.[/QUOTE]

    Which is pretty much the definition of putting out a product that the
    public wants. But, yet, I seem to have feelings that you did not mean
    this as a positive.
  9. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Which is pretty much the definition of putting out a product that the
    public wants. But, yet, I seem to have feelings that you did not mean
    this as a positive.[/QUOTE]

    You are reading in something I did not say.

    The iPhone is off to a great start, but it has no track record at this time.
    I anticipate that it will be very successful, but we can only guess at it
    now. From an investor point-of-view, I think the monthly kickback from AT&T
    that Apple negotiated, is good. From a personal POV I think it sucks, and
    will likely antagonize Apple supporters.
  10. RHF

    RHF Guest

  11. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    read the news mate sprint is designing next wireles phones for the whole country.
  12. RHF

    RHF Guest

  13. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    On 7/21/07 12:19 PM, in article
    , "RHF"


    That's as ugly as they get.....

    Lots of reasons..... Here's a couple:

    * We senior citizens aren't perceived as being a large enough market.

    * We aren't a cohesive group of a same mind. I'm one, but I'd have an
    iPhone in a minute just cause it is cool, if it weren't for the ridiculous
    rate structures.
  14. Guest

    Tell us more about your cell phone plan!
  15. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    Which cell phone plan are you asking of?

  16. RHF

    RHF Guest

  17. D Peter Maus

    D Peter Maus Guest

    There was a time that was true. Not so much since about OS X.2.

    Truth is that I had a Mac on line at work since '89, and from home
    since '84, and with the exception of those who bothered to read the
    headers in e-mail, no one ever knew it. I've had my Macs and my PC's
    talking to each other the entire time.

    As long as the output files are the same format, there's no more
    compatibility issue between Mac and Windows than between HP and Dell
    printers. And with Solaris and Linux making a showing in the
    marketplace, compatibility in general has become largely a non issue.

    That's why the pissing match between the Microsoft and the keepers of
    standards is such a concern. Because if MS has their way, their
    proprietary formats, will continue to play havoc with compatibility
    between platforms that currently play well together using standards
    compliant output.

    On my Macs, I use only open source software with the exception of one
    or two Apple branded programs for document and presentation creation.
    With the exception of nicer, more eye catching documents, and
    presentations with full animation and stereo sound, none of my
    colleagues can tell that I've used a Mac.

    On my PC's the only MS software is the OS. Everything else...
    browser, IM client, office suite...everything, is open source.

    The ONLY time I've ever had a compatibility issue is using MS
    software. And that's been true for more than a decade, now.
  18. RHF

    RHF Guest

    DPM - I would suspect that you are right most of my
    PC related problems have come from MicroSoft (MS)
    Software related issues. ~ RHF

    Didn't Wal*Mart offer some PC that had a Linux OS
    with some of there store brand Computer Systems
    for a while ? =>,1000000121,2125057,00.htm

    Now Wal*Mart seems to have gone the other way
    and now offers Dell Computer Systems in their
  19. Brenda Ann

    Brenda Ann Guest

    My biggest problem with Mac (I like the machines, always have) is the
    relative lack of software available for them. For instance, I have several
    video editing applications, and several internet webcasting applications,
    and they cannot be duplicated in Mac. (or at least they could not). I'll
    concede that their machines, and to an extent their OS, are very reliable.
  20. D Peter Maus

    D Peter Maus Guest

    The applications...very likely are not duplicated under Mac, no.
    Their functionality will be found in other apps, however. Especially in
    video and audio editing. Most of them in open source, or at least
    standards compliant apps. The challenge is finding them.

    There are websites that are dedicated to nothing but video and audio
    apps for Macintosh. The names escape me at the moments, but if you do a
    websearch you can find thousands of audio, video and webcasting apps for
    Mac. Some of which are produced by Apple.
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