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How does 4059 programmable divide by n counter work?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sommes, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. Sommes

    Sommes Guest

    I understood it can divide by n from 3 to 15999. However how can I set the
    value of n? Thanks
  2. Sommes wrote...
    With wires?

    Seriously, you might find the old RCA - Harris cd4059 datasheet
    easier to study, here's TI's "acquired" copy, dated 2003,

    And here's their 74hc4059 datasheet, also acquired from Harris,

    Or maybe you'd prefer the Philips 74hc4059 datasheet,

    DigiKey has the TI CD4059A 24-pin DIP at $1.35 (qty 100) and
    the CD74HC4059M96 (a 24-pin soic package) at $1.48 same qty.
    According to TI the CD74HC4059E 24-pin DIP version is in full
    production, and is available from two European distributors.
    Avnet lists it, but has no stock, wants 60-piece minimum orders.
  3. These chips have what they call "address lines" which are basically
    pins set aside for the application of control voltages which determine
    the degree of division. The chip just 'looks for' the presence or the
    absence of a voltage (usually 5V) on each of those pins, different
    combinations of ons and offs give different rates of division. You can
    fix the division rate manually by hard-wiring the voltages to the
    appropriate pins, or to vary the division you can use a rotary encoder
    switch, or a microprocessor or whatever.
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