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How do you drill through stainless steel at home?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Danny D., Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    I like that idea best!

    I can easily find a piece to fit, and it would
    look nice too!

    I'd have to varnish it (it's going to hang outdoors,
    but then, I can at least DRILL the hole in the wood!).

    That's the best idea of all!
  2. Delvin Benet

    Delvin Benet Guest

    Because Karen Gordon asked me to do it.
  3. Ed Huntress

    Ed Huntress Guest

    That's become a common misunderstanding.

    Good marketing. Bad engineering.
  4. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Uncle Steve Inscribed thus:
    I've used a similar technique for drilling holes in glass bottles to
    make table lamps. A copper tube with a groove filed across the end
    dipped in grinding paste. Slow, but you get a smooth burr free hole.
    Smoothing the inside is a little harder. :)
  5. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Ed Huntress Inscribed thus:
    Interesting technique, I'll have to remember that one !
  6. Several people in labor, mfg, design, etc ... have no theoretical or
    practical knowledge in metalworking, but still take, send or broker
    related work out. My problem with people in this group is the
    sickening bigotry and the convincing sock puppetry.
  7. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  8. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  9. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  10. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  11. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  12. SpamÆuster

    SpamÆuster Guest

  13. harry

    harry Guest

    Plus, start with a small drill and work progressively upwards to the
    size you want.
  14. You may be thinking of Kellem Grips. I've used them for years to pull
    wire through conduit or installed them as cord grips. The things work
    like Chinese Finger Puzzles. ^_^

  15. My father's factory (Tosca Lingerie) did not make corsets.

    It wasn't managed by a man named Scarpia, was it?
  16. I was selling the stuff 40 years ago when I worked for an electrical
    supply company. I used one a while back to fix a problem for a pizza
    place where the kept ripping the outlet out of the wall for their prep
    table every time they moved it to clean the floor. I removed the outlet
    and installed an hospital grade cord body with a pigtail of 12/3 SO cord
    anchored to the wall with a Kellem Grip which would allow the plug to
    simply pull straight out of the cord body without damage. I also use the
    grips to hang power cords from the ceiling in the middle of shop floors.

  17. If there's no TIG handy, there's always JB Weld. I use brazing filler
    rod for making rings for such things, the local Ace has welded brass
    and steel rings in a variety of sizes in the misc. hardware aisle. Or,
    if you gotta have heat involved, silver braze will work. Kind of
    overkill for a fancy church key.

    Post said "can opener" and I'm thinking some variety of Swing-Away,
    not a church key. Does anything drinkable still come in steel cans
    that need puncturing? Tomato juice and V8 are all I can think of and
    those would be the big cans, not individual serving sizes.

  18. You can use them as a come along for prisoners too by slipping them over
    their fingers or thumbs. ^_^

  19. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    Personally, i like both leather and SS. If you get a machinist to mill in
    three 1/4 inch wide hex portions and wrap with wide spaced wet leather
    strips it not only would work but be beautiful and last a decade or more.
    Then just remove the old leather, clean thoroughly and do the leather

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