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how do I push a button remotely (second post)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by James Hanley, Dec 7, 2004.

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  1. James Hanley

    James Hanley Guest

    hi, sorry this post may not appear in the thread it should. I only
    have access to google to post, (no newsserver) and google says it's
    'unable to retreive the message' (google fails like that sometimes).

    I should have given more info.
    The device is a KVM Switch (also known as a CPU switch)

    meaning: (plug many computer boxes in and then plug in one actual
    Keyboard Video(monitor) and Mouse, and you can switch between them -
    choosing which computer to access).

    The button on the KVM Switch will let me cycle between computers.

    The KVM switch is connected to a KVM Extender which boosts 30 meters,
    hence the KVM switch is downstairs.
    meaning: The system I have, is that the KVM Switch - instead of
    plugging directly into a Keyboard monitor and Mouse, is plugged into
    a KVM Extender - boosting the signal along a 30 meter cable, into my
    room, where my Keyboard monitor and monitor plug in.

    I opened up the KVM Switch to have a look. Posts mentioned something
    about 4 contacts, I can see them. I could find the correct pair (via
    experimenting with a screwdriver or little wire, to see which
    activates the switch), and then I could solder one end of a wire to
    those 2 contacts, and the other end to an actual switch.

    The KVM switch does plug into the mains.

    Should I use 30 meters of shielded cable or just normal wire? I have
    heard that normal wire may act like an antenna and confuse the kvm.
    Though i've also heard that normal wire is fine 'cos it's just a

    I intended to get 24AWG wire - shielded, but the technical sales guy
    was convinced that I didn't need shielded, and that shielded would be
    harder to solder on. He didn't have the info available to him to tell
    me what the AWG of the wire he sold me was, but he said it'll be fine.

  2. Bahremu

    Bahremu Guest

    First RTFM.
    If you had RTFM, you would realize that the KMV has a feature that allows
    you to press some keys on the keyboard to change the active system.

    Go read your KVMs manual and find the easiest and cheapest solution.
  3. Guest

    my kvm extender does not support the hotkeys offered by my kvm switch
  4. Guest

    my kvm extender does not support the hotkeys offered by my kvm switch
  5. James Hanley formulated on Monday :
    I have a Linksys KVM and double clicking the lefu ctrl key on my
    keyboard switches it witgout having ro fish around for the button. If
    yours dosn't do that..try the linksys switch.
  6. Lawrence Oravetz brought next idea :
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