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How dead can a battery get?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Thomas A. Horsley, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. As part of my continuing hacking on my silly cell phone ring notifier
    ( I was curious how
    long the batteries would last in the first box I built (4 AA duracell's in

    Turns out it was about a month, and I just pulled them out and stuck
    a voltmeter on them. Three of them read about .7 or .8 volts (seems
    believable), but one of them read -1 volt (or maybe it was -1 millivolt
    and I didn't notice the scale change on the display).

    Is that a normal thing to see in a really dead battery? I never
    expected the voltage to go negative on me. Maybe I could turn it
    around and make it last longer :).
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  2. The first cell to go dead will be reverse charged by current from the
    remaining good (or better) cells.
  3. Guest

    This is not related to the dead battery but I live in Taiwan and we
    have the phone things you're talking about. A little cell phone cradle
    that lights up when your cell phone rings. Usually they are quite goofy
    looking like a hand or something like that. If your interested I can
    send you one.
  4. Tom Horsley

    Tom Horsley Guest

    This is not related to the dead battery but I live in Taiwan and we
    Actually, I have one of the lights (it is built into a pen, not in
    a cradle), but it lights up every time the phone is communicating with
    the cell tower, which as near as I can tell happens at least once
    an hour (no doubt the conspiracy nuts will say it is sending back all
    the compressed audio it has recorded during the last hour to home base
    in area 51).

    Anyway, I'm having too much fun wasting vast quantities of time on
    this gadget to want a commercila solution at this point :). Thanks
    for the offer though.
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