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How convert three-phase power to single-phase?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by, Aug 6, 2004.

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  1. Hi,

    We're just moving into some new office space, and among the things that we
    inherited was some three-phase power. I haven't actually seen what the
    outlets look like, because the person who knows where it is isn't in this
    week, but I was kind of curious if there's any way that we can utilize any
    of that? We're a typical office environment, and all of our equipment
    (workstations, servers, etc.) are single-phase.

    To go from the three-phase power to single-phase, is it simply a matter of
    creating three single-phase outputs from the one three-phase (i.e.,
    A+neutral, B+neutral, and C+neutral), and then we can just plug
    (independent) equipment into each of the 3 single-phase outputs?

    Also, if we do that, from a power standpoint, do we end up with each of the
    single-phase outputs just being 1/3 of the power rating for the original
    three-phase power?

    As often happens, I'm probably asking what might seem like dumb/naive
    questions, but I'm really glad to have found this NG :)!

  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Your questions could be answered easily once the voltage is known.
    277-480, 120-208, 120-240, 377-600 these are all pretty common in north
  3. ohaya

    ohaya Guest

    Phil and SQLit,

    I'll have to get more details that you mentioned from someone else who
    isn't at the office today. Will post back next week sometime.

    And Phil, it's not my intention to do any of the actual wiring or
    whatever, I'm mainly trying to gain an understanding so I can be a
    little more knowledgeable about what our options might be.

    Thanks, and have a great weekend!

  4. Miles

    Miles Guest

    Depending on your jurisdiction (I don't think you said what country you're
    in, which sometimes makes a big difference) this could well be illegal. It
    may happen on construction sites with special splitter boards, but is
    probably not at all appropriate for an office environment. Systems of
    supply and protective arrangements (fuses, CBs etc) that may be safe and
    legal in one environment may not be, in another.

    The voltages and the way phase, neutral and earth wiring is arranged is also
    important. Your best solution is to call an electrician to check this out
    with certainty. Only then will you be sure that what you want to do is both
    safe and legal in your particular region.

    1/3 of the "power" rating yes, but exactly the same "current" rating. Which
    of these were you meaning?

    Newsgroups are not a safe place to be asking these sorts of questions unless
    you are already very knowledgeable about electrical distribution and safety.

    This is good advice, but you could still end up getting the wrong advice
    because the information you provide may be incomplete or even wrong, despite
    your own best efforts. Your comment about asking "someone who isn't at the
    office today" gives me considerable concern.
    If you get the wrong advice because the advisors don't have the full or
    accurate picture, it could cost you a whole lot more than just getting in an
    electrician to look at it in the first place. Any advice you get on here
    can only be based on what you tell people here, which is likely to be
    incomplete, and may be inaccurate if the people that you're talking to don't
    know as much as you thought they did.

    Electrical safety is too important to leave to chance. Sorry if this sounds
    negative, but for this sort of thing you need an electrician not a

    My thoughts fwiw.

    Moving into a new office is always a great experience, starting from scratch
    is a great way of getting things organised in ways that you probably
    couldn't justify changing in an existing office. Good luck with your
    project. Hope it goes really well for you.
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