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How can I secure my house.

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I have been trying to secure my house and have not been sucessful. I
    have tried all the locks on the market with no luck. I finally tought
    of something on my own. I took a piece of paper (wippie) matteral and
    put a phillips screw through the metteral and then in to the door took
    the other screw and put it on the other end of the matteral and in to
    the door jam, then I filled the phillip x with putty and then marked it
    with a marker (some kind of mark) This was working for a while. Then
    some one opened my grarage door and scraped off the putty exposing only
    the x that of course can be refilled, its the mark I make that would be
    hard to duplcate. I called the police and didn't get any help there.
    They are not taking any thing they are just doing it to annoy me. Any
  2. mkaras

    mkaras Guest

    Why don't you make some heavy duty iron brackets that you lag bolt to
    the door jamb on both sides of the door from the inside. Then lay a
    long 4x4 into the brackets fully across the door. That should be way
    stronger than any lock.

    - mkaras
  3. ....

    Don't encourage the aluminium beanie crowd.
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