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How can a toll-free number fail on landlines & VOIP but not oncellphones?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Eddie Powalski, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Telephonically, can anyone explain what is going on?

    I'm trying to call ZTE Customer Support USA, during normal
    business hours, which has only one toll-free telephone number,
    which is listed at as:

    Inexplicably, every time I call that toll-free number from a
    California landline, or from VOIP, the calling sequence always
    ends up in undecipherable Chinese (see video above for proof).

    However, if I call from a cellphone, the exact same
    calling sequence always ends up in English, as expected.

    Q: Telephonically, how can this possibly be happening to me?

    PS: Any ideas Jeff Liebermann?
  2. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    called from Arizona landline and got a menu that asked me to press "1"
    for English.

    Somehow bypassing that menu?
  3. Guest

    I tried from my U S Cellular cellphone and had exact same experience
    as Mr. Macy.
  4. I'm a bit confused but I appreciate your test from Arizona.
    In all three cases, I get the "Press 1 for English"; but only with the
    cell phone does that actually get to another prompt.

    In the case of the landline and VOIP phone, after the "Press 1 for
    English", it goes to an error message in British English and then
    in a foreign language (i.e., it never gets to a human).

    In the case of the cell phone, after the "Press 1 for English",
    there are a bunch of other prompts, and eventually, a human answers
    in English.

    Given that all three repeatedly called the same number (1-877-817-1759),
    how can it possibly be that the landline & VOIP got a wholly different
    response than did the cellphone?
  5. Again, I'm sorry but I'm confused.

    In all three cases, the prompt asked to "Press 1 for English".
    a. Landline
    b. VOIP
    c. Cellphone

    Yet, *after* pressing "1", only the cellphone went on to further prompts.
    The landline & VOIP switched over to a British error message, and then to
    a foreign language error message.

    Is that what you experienced *after* pressing the "1" for English?
  6. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for responding. You mention call blocking. I had *not* even thought
    of that! My landline is blocked. I'm not sure about my VOIP (probably not).
    My cellphone isn't blocked.

    As you noted, none of those are blocked when you call a toll-free number
    (which is why you don't want to rat on the mafia on an 800 number!).

    That would explain why the initial connection answered with the prompt
    to press 1 for English.
    Ah, it may make sense now that the *redirect* either couldn't get my
    number (because it was blocked?) or that they figured out that it came
    from a landline or VOIP phone rather than a cellphone.

    But, why would the one USA phone number for ZTE Customer Support care
    whether I called them from a landline or voip or cellphone?
    OK. I don't disagree that they can recognize my landline call versus
    my VOIP call versus my cellphone call.
    If this is the case, then it's mighty weird. Nobody has confirmed yet
    whether they can or can not get past the "Press 1 for English" from
    a landline though.

    Can someone call, from a landline (let us know if your number is blocked):
    1-877-817-1759 (then press 1 for English when it asks you to).
    Can you let us know if you get to the *next* prompt or not?
  7. I went to
    But based on the fact ZTE support hung up on me three times
    when I asked a simple question about replacing the cracked
    screen on a ZTE Concord, I doubt they're gonna care.

    I just didn't understand *how* it could be that a landline (blocked)
    and a VOIP (probably not blocked) wouldn't get past the initial prompt,
    while a cell phone got past the initial and all the next prompts.
    Just everything south of Summit Road! :)
    Well, the recently cracked ZTE Concord *does* have to do with repair:
    Which was *why* I was calling ZTE in the first place - but really,
    I just knew you'd have an answer where nobody else would so it was
    a bold faced (lame) way to get the help I needed for the answer.

    I do know that you used to frequent alt.internet.wireless so that's
    why I put that there, but I realize now you're mostly on
    .... and I am on a wireless VOIP WISP ... so that's another (lame) connection.
    But really ... the reason I specifically asked for you is that you always
    seem to have the answer when nobody else does! (I don't know how you do it.)

    I wish you'd go to our inventor's group on Wednesdays in Palo Alto,
    but that's another story that I don't want to say more online as I strive
    for privacy (while you don't try to hide who you are).
  8. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    Eddie Powalski forklarede den 23-05-2013:
    I called from a danish ip-line.

    I managed to get through 3-4 levels before I hung up.

    But first I got the message from my local telephone company in
    danglish: "You have dialed an international free-call number. Your call
    will be charged at the regular rates" (or something to that effect)


    (Just posted in; one of the other two groups are
    not on my newsserver)
  9. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    my landline is blocked
  10. chuck

    chuck Guest

    I just got through to the next prompt on a voip line. Chuck
  11. Hi Robert,

    I'm confused though.
    Your landline is blocked, as is mine.

    Yet, when we call 1-877-817-1759, we both get the initial prompt:
    "Press 1 for English"

    After that, I'm confused what happened for you.

    If my landline is blocked, the *next* prompt is (heavy British accent):
    The number you have dialed cannot be found; please check the number
    or call Airtel for assistance.

    However, if I dialed *82 prior to dialing 1-877-817-1759, I get:
    Please select the product type; for inquiries on basic phones, please
    press 1, for inquiries on smart phones, please press 2, etc.

    Which of those two options did you get from your blocked landline
    for the *second* prompt?
  12. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    with blocked landline, asked me to select "1" for english, then
    transferred me to a message telling me the number was 'unavailable' or
    was it the wrong number, or something and suggested I call something
  13. ps56k

    ps56k Guest

    BTW - where is your VOIP hosted ?
    and what shows on your own callphone when you call from your landline and
    your VOIP ?

    Maybe your landline/voip keypress is not sending long enough or not getting
    detected by the auto-attend ?

    SO - just called from Chicago landline - a real one - without any blocking -
    got the Prompt - Pressed 1 - then prompts for product type

    I hate when our friends call from Calif - as ALL calls are default blocked
    on CLID -
  14. NotMe

    NotMe Guest

    Both ATT and Pageplus show the phone number but not the name this in Dallas
    and via verizon fios phones. Likewise neigher show up on pageplus cell
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