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How are PCB's made?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Don A. Gilmore, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys:

    How are copper clad pc boards made? Is the copper somehow electrodeposited
    onto them, or is it a glued down foil of some sort?

    Thanks for any replies.

  2. There are several different technologies. The most common way
    hobbyists make them is to purchase board laminated with one or both
    sides covered with copper. An etchant resist pattern is created is
    made with a resist pen, or by several other techniques, or by buying
    boards that are also covered with a photo resist layer. That later
    has ot be exposed to UV through a pattern to make some areas soluble.
    The board is then treated to an alkaline bath (or some versions of
    resist use an organic solvent ot remove part of the resist). Then the
    board is bathed in an etchant that dissolves the unprotected parts of
    the copper layer. Holes are then drilled through the board and some
    people add brass eyelets through the holes to connect the copper on
    one side ot the other side.

    The processes used commercially are quite a bit more varied and
  3. peterken

    peterken Guest

    I think the question was how the "raw material pcb's" are constructed, thus
    what one buys to start scribbling and etching

    to answer it: the copper can be as well glued as electrolytically deposited
    on the 'carrier' (be it epoxy or FR4 or any other)
  4. Peel strength would be terrible if one used seeded electro deposited or
    "glued" copper foil on raw PCB material. Manufactures get treated copper
    foil (one side is very rough and may also be red oxided, Cu2O) and
    laminate to the substrate material under heat and pressure.
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