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How are GUIs programmed?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Terry Gould, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. Terry Gould

    Terry Gould

    Jul 31, 2014
    Basically I was wondering how GUIs for electronics with colour displays are programmed.

    This may seem obvious to some but I am self taught with electronics and programming micro controllers etc.

    For example a simple electronic racing game with a joy stick and buttons to control the things on screen or a touch screen central heating controller
    with a colour screen with a analog looking clock, screen saver etc.

    How would this be programmed? Ie. What language would need to be known, what software would be used etc?

    I know making such a device is way beyond a self taught hobbyist but I am just curious on how this is done

  2. Gryd3


    Jun 25, 2014
    There are always numerous ways of doing things like this. If you like, have a read through this:
    It covers programming for a GameBoy Advance system, and has lots of details regarding programming images, lines, sprites, etc.
    While this may not be a word-for-word solution to do the same thing with a PIC, it does give you some decent ideas of what you can expect.
    The language of choice here is C
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